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What is Micro Focus NetIQ AD Bridge?

NetIQ Enterprise Administration solutions provide enterprise customers with the ability to safely and securely delegate administrative privileges across their Windows server, Active Directory (AD), Group Policy and Exchange server environments. Combined with detailed auditing of and reporting on administrative activities, NetIQ Enterprise Administration solutions provide organizations with unprecedented levels of accountability while reducing the costs associated with operations, internal policy, and regulatory compliance activities.

Organizations have increasingly relied upon Active Directory for the central management of identities and for the authentication and authorization of those identities to the network and IT services. However, assuring the security, availability and integrity of Active Directory requires more than just delegating permissions or changing group memberships. IT Governance and auditors also require proof that policies and procedures are enforced, that changes are tracked, and that administrators are not able to manage beyond the scope of their responsibilities.

AD Bridge extends Active Directory capabilities by enabling domain controllers to add Linux servers to the AD environment to interface with identity services, group policies, and domain resources. With the AD Bridge Linux Agent and GPEdit Extension for Windows servers, you can configure built-in and custom group policies for Linux agents via the Group Policy Management Console on the domain controller.

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