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What is Kovair Intelligent DevOps?

Kovair Intelligent DevOps with its SOA architected proprietary ESB-based Omnibus engine and tool specific adapters and plugins; can seamlessly integrate tools for data synchronizing across the toolchain. Kovair Omnibus also possesses the unique capability of integrating in-house tools of an organization. This keeps all project stakeholders, managers, developers, testers, and operations team on the same page of information; ensuring traceable artifacts, continuous integration, on-time delivery with uncompromised quality.

Kovair connects to 75+ multi-vendor, legacy, open source tools that are frequently used by DevOps teams. Some of the benefits of using Kovair Intelligent DevOps platform are as follows —

- Real-time collaboration between development, delivery, and operations tools

- Clear management visibility with total metrics and drill-down analytics

- Plug-and-play tool integration flexibility- anytime, anywhere even for homegrown tools

- Continuous support from requirement gathering to agile development to production deployment

- Cross-tool traceability providing better release predictability and Change impact analysis

- Continuous Testing through workflow based automatic triggering of both manual & automated test cases

- Schedule based test automation script execution enabling Continuous Delivery

- Continuous monitoring of release quality through reports and dashboards

    Product Highlights

    - Out-of-the-Box Reports for Release, Build, and Deployment

    - Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform

      More details - https://www.kovair.com/intelligent-devops/

      Buyer's Guide

      Download the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suites Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2022

      Kovair Intelligent DevOps Customers

      Division of the State Architect (DSA), HSBC

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