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What is better for ALM: Scrum or Kanban?

Hi community,

Is Scrum or Kanban better for App Lifecycle Management? 

Which tools do you prefer for each?


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In my opinion, there is no tool to prefer (Kanban or Scrum) they are for different approaches.

Roughly, Kanban is "event-driven" ; something to do arrives, the question is how to manage it and have it living through its workflow (from left to right in the Kanban). At any time something new can come. Kanban manages a flow rather than a release.

Scrum is "release driven"; among a set of things to do, the question is what to select in the first step (first release), second step, etc. You are not supposed to change the release when it is committed. If something new comes, it can be considered in the next step (release).

A good ALM allows both (and more), and even allows to change from one to another if your development context mandates it.

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Great question! If you are looking for a more pre-defined structured framework Scrum may be your choice.

5 Right Reasons to Apply Kanban

#1. Ability to release anytime. In Scrum or XP you can't release in the middle of an iteration. ...
#2. Ability to change priorities on the fly. In Scrum you can't add stories on the fly into sprint (usually).
#3. No need in iterations. Why you need iterations?
#4. No need in estimates.
#5. Perfect flow visualization.

Still research in to moth choices is an imperative. Hope this short summary helps.

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It first depends on your budget as well as need for the business but if you are asked between this only ( Scrum vs Kanban) = go to (Scrum) as is the most popular approach, using sprints – short, defined periods of time – to get things done in pieces.
Scrum processes place heavy emphasis on schedule with a prioritized list of story points. This iterative process enables accurate estimations of work flow and effective management of multiple projects.

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You may also like to give a try to Tuleap (www.tuleap.org) which allows to setup Scrum, Kanban, and much more regarding enterprise Agile planning.

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Whether to use Scrum or Kanban largely depends upon the need. Scrum is more a structured iterative process approach. If you are managing your requirements or releases in iterations that try to deliver value at the end of each cycle in a much formal way, scrum can be used. 

Whereas, Kanban is a much simpler and easy to onboard approach where you may still have fixed frequent reviews, but work keeps flowing (comes in at irregular rate, not necessarily through a gate).

Scrum: fixed releases on a defined frequency. Work defined before starting iteration.

Kanban: Continuous release (as-and-when completed. Work keep flowing in.

So review your team maturity and the need for managed iterations.

Let me know if you would like to have a better or deeper discussion on this.

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ALM iss a standard linear process what is perfect for KANBAN. It is nonsense to put a dynamic elliptic process model on top for guiding.

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I use SCRUM integrated with a Kanban Board (hybrid system). The tool that is best for me is Microfocus OCTANE.

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