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SAS Enterprise Guide vs Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise comparison

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Find out what your peers are saying about SAS Enterprise Guide vs. Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
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"We are able to work on the server, and I can copy a data set and share it with someone in my team. Similarly, if I want some data from them, I can get it. Being able to work on the server and being able to switch from one user to another is a good thing. It is reliable and powerful, and its community is very wide.""Areas where SAS EG does a better job than regular SAS are in the realm of importing and exporting data. For instance, exporting a SAS data set in Unix to an Excel spreadsheet on a PC is a simple task compared to doing the same task with Base SAS.""The product has a drag-and-drop feature that is excellent for business users and that makes it easy-to-use.""The Query Builder is very valuable.""The solution is user-friendly, the resource for the query builder is very useful, and the ability to explore the data is a benefit.""Filter and sort query builder is valuable. The ability to do advanced SAS programming is also a useful feature because we can do anything by using Enterprise Guide. It has a lot of functionalities. We can build ETL processes. There are clients who are using SAS Enterprise Guide to build ETL processes. They have a SAS-based program that is scheduled to run at a certain frequency to produce some reports for the business. It is a very useful tool for ETL unit tests and functional tests. You can also do data science projects in SAS Enterprise Guide by using different statistics. During my MBA, we used SAS Enterprise Guide for our statistic course. To query the data, there are many solutions such as SQL, but these tools are only a part of the integration. They are only useful for querying the data and require knowledge of SQL, so they are not suitable for business users. SAS Enterprise Guide can be very easily used by business users to filter and sort the data and build queries. It is not necessary to have coding skills to use SAS Enterprise Guide. For this reason, it is attractive for businesses."

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"It works well for data scientists and can really help them drill down on the information in order to give management tangible data points for larger business decisions."

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"Machine learning is not utilized and that could enhance the product.""They should provide more information for the errors or logs. Currently, it gives you just the error message without explaining anything.""I had difficulty with the diagrammatic flow chart style representation of projects. When projects got too large and complex (which was basically every project, except the most trivial). There just wasn't enough real estate to display the flow chart and dependencies without a lot of scrolling, even when a flow was down to minimum tasks. My recourse was making the flow less "atomic". E.g., rather than use the various subset, etc., tasks as program nodes to display the details, I would write chunks of code that did a few things and use them as SAS program nodes.""For some of the advanced functions, you need to learn some SAS code to get what you want.""There needs to be a community of SAS Enterprise Guide users for assistance. For example, as they do for Python or SQL.""Our data warehouse is built on the Netezza database. We have SAS BI, and we populate the Netezza database. When we have tables with, for example, a hundred million rows in Netezza, SAS Enterprise Guide doesn't work. It doesn't return any results. It works for around 30 to 40 million rows, but it is not working for anything more than that. This issue is only with the Netezza database. With Oracle, it is quite good. They can improve its performance with the Netezza database. There should be one unique tool that includes SAS Data Integration Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide for more integration capabilities. With SAS Enterprise Guide, it is not possible to create connections and libraries and build transformations that can be used for other projects. This tool should have all capabilities that SAS Enterprise Guide does not have. Such a tool would be perfect because it will be used by developers and business users at the same time. In addition to the integration capabilities, they should also provide more deployment capabilities. There should be an option to easily create SAS packages and export them from one environment to another. There could also be a possibility to connect with R and Python. Open-source tools are hot in the market nowadays, and it would be good to extend its capabilities.""The product is missing a visualization component so we have to use a separate tool for visualization."

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"This product really needs to improve its ease of use."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Management liked it a lot because the license per seat was cheaper than a traditional SAS environment."
  • "It is very expensive. We have a basic license, and there are many features that are not available with the basic version."
  • "In general, SAS has high prices, which is a reason why some clients don't use SAS solutions. The licensing is on a yearly basis."
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    564,997 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer: 
    Filter and sort query builder is valuable. The ability to do advanced SAS programming is also a useful feature because we can do anything by using Enterprise Guide. It has a lot of… more »
    Top Answer: 
    In general, SAS has high prices, which is a reason why some clients don't use SAS solutions. The licensing is on a yearly basis.
    Top Answer: 
    Our data warehouse is built on the Netezza database. We have SAS BI, and we populate the Netezza database. When we have tables with, for example, a hundred million rows in Netezza, SAS Enterprise… more »
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    SAS Enterprise Guide is a point-and-click, menu- and wizard-driven tool that empowers users to analyze data and publish results. It provides fast-track learning for quick data analysis, generates code for productivity and speeds your ability to deploy analyses and forecasts in real time.

    Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise is designed to help data analysts do the work associated with data preparation without having to manually write code. Trifacta provides a workflow optimized for transforming data at scale. The solution enables analysts to visualize the content of data stored in Hadoop and interact with that content to build transformation logic that defines a Hadoop job (using Spark or MapReduce) to process and output the data in the desired form for analysis. Trifacta sits between the Hadoop platform, leveraged for data storage and processing; and the visualization, analytics, or machine learning applications used for a variety of downstream analysis across the organization.
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    SAS Enterprise Guide is ranked 2nd in Data Preparation Tools with 6 reviews while Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise is ranked 5th in Data Preparation Tools with 1 review. SAS Enterprise Guide is rated 7.6, while Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise is rated 0.0. The top reviewer of SAS Enterprise Guide writes "Easy-to-use with a drag-and-drop querying feature, this fine tool still lags in visualization and machine learning". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise writes "Robust, great for financial decision making, and very scalable". SAS Enterprise Guide is most compared with Alteryx, Toad Data Point, SAS Data Loader For Hadoop and Paxata, whereas Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise is most compared with Alteryx, Paxata, Altair Monarch, SAS Data Loader For Hadoop and SAP Agile Data Preparation.

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