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Virtuozzo Hybrid Server
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Apr 1, 2024
Performs well, saves time and money, and integrates well with operating systems
We use the solution for production systems. We use it a lot in the Kubernetes environment. We are investing in microservices and Kubernetes. The tool enables virtualization Our whole microservice environment runs on the solution. We have quite a few Windows environments that run on it. I've…
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"​It is free and can be run from your laptop, if needed, unlike VMware.​"
"KVM is priced reasonably."
"This solution came with the Linux license."
"One only needs a subscription to Oracle Linux. So, it's cheaper with Oracle Linux's subscription. It is not very expensive. In short, the solution is open source, and you need only a subscription."
"I have no information on the cost of KVM because I downloaded it for the lab and not for production. It's free, but I don't know if that's the case for people using it in a production environment."
"It is free for everyone."
"There is no cost involved in the use of KVM, as it is open source."
"The tool is free."
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Why KVM??? Help please!
KVM scales better, orchestration better, performs better and supports a wider range of hardware and, also, you can implement at ZERO cost and with a very powerful web interface for management, from...
Why KVM??? Help please!
Small support team, small cluster, low core count, use VMware products Large support team, large clusters with many cores, use KVM. KVM scales better, orchestration better, performs better and supp...
Why KVM??? Help please!
Far from being an expert, my opinion is that the positive sides of KVM are: Lower costs and open-source which gives the abilities to customize it according to the specific needs of each customer.
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