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GitHub Code Scanning
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Parasoft SOAtest
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Nov 23, 2023
A highly stable solution that can be used for source code management
We use GitHub Code Scanning mostly for source code management GitHub Code Scanning should add more templates. I have been using GitHub Code Scanning for six to seven months. I rate GitHub Code Scanning ten out of ten for stability. GitHub Code Scanning is a scalable solution. Around 2,000 to…
Milind Parab - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 3, 2023
Useful for automated SQA, certifications, but the summary reports could improve
The summary reports could be improved because sometimes it is not very concise. The waiver process can also be improved because Parasoft SQAtest doesn't have a method to waive off one rule. Additionally, adding some guidance on providing standard templates could be helpful for new engineers or in complexity reduction. It could be sustained in a better way because it currently just gives the number that is a level of looping or callings. Hence, if something can be improved to refactor the code, then it should be code restructuring and all the information that can be provided to look at the complexity of the code.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"We use GitHub Code Scanning mostly for source code management."
"The solution helps identify vulnerabilities by understanding how ports communicate with applications running on a system. Ports are like house numbers; to visit someone's house, you must know their number. Similarly, ports are used to communicate with applications. For example, if you want to use an HTTP web server, you must use port 80. It is the port on which the web application or your server listens for incoming requests."
"Automatic testing is the most valuable feature."
"If you want something that’s not provided out of the box, then you can write it yourself and integrate it with SOAtest."
"Technical support is helpful."
"Generating new messages, based on the existing .EDN and .XML messages, is a crucial part or the testing project that I’m currently in."
"The testing time is shortened because we generate test data automatically with SOAtest."
"We do a lot of web services testing and REST services testing. That is the focus of this product."
"Parasoft SOAtest has improved the quality of our automated web services, which can be easily implemented through service chaining and service virtualization."
"We have seen a return on investment."


"GitHub Code Scanning should add more templates."
"The performance could be a bit better."
"The feedback that we received from the DevOps of our organization was that the tool was a little heavy from the transformation perspective."
"Enabling/disabling an optional element of an XML request is only possible if a data source (e.g., Excel sheet) is connected to the test. Otherwise, the option is not available at all in the drop-down menu."
"The product is very slow to start up, and that is a bit of a problem, actually."
"The summary reports could be improved."
"Reporting facilities can be better."
"UI testing should be more in-depth."
"Tuning the tool takes time because it gives quite a long list of warnings."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"GitHub Code Scanning is a moderately priced solution."
"The minimum pricing for the tool is five dollars a month."
"From what I understand, Parasoft SOAtest isn't the cheapest option. But it has a lot to offer."
"The price is around $5,000 USD."
"It is an expensive product, so think carefully about whether it fits your purposes and is the right tool for you."
"They do have a confusing licensing structure."
"The cost of Parasoft seems to have gotten higher with a projection that wasn't really stipulated for our company. They've done a tremendous job at negotiating those deals."
"We are completed satisfied with Parasoft SOAtest. The ROI is more than 95%."
"The license price is a little expensive, but it provides a better outcome in terms of the end-to-end automation process."
"I think it would be a great step to decrease the price of the licenses."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about GitHub Code Scanning?
We use GitHub Code Scanning mostly for source code management.
What needs improvement with GitHub Code Scanning?
GitHub Code Scanning should add more templates.
What do you like most about Parasoft SOAtest?
Since the solution has both command line and automation options, it generates good reports.
What needs improvement with Parasoft SOAtest?
Tuning the tool takes time because it gives quite a long list of warnings. Going through that is a challenge. It only happens in the initial stage when we are setting up the tool, but it can be imp...

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