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We performed a comparison between Exinda and Steelhead based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The most valuable feature is the ability to create policies where we can tailor them to the customer. It enables us to prioritize apps and users for bandwidth.""The most valuable feature is the ability to provide very granular classes of service. That's important because it allows us to prioritize certain traffic types over others, to a very granular level.""It has the ability to prioritize, providing an automatic optimization. I can put it in a hierarchy and know that certain devices will be prioritized over others. It is able to identify the traffic. It can pick out whether if its a Zoom meeting (or something like that), then it's able to put that somewhere in the hierarchy based on the traffic type.""The most valuable features are the shaper, accelerator, and the reporting... it will shape the traffic better than, for example, a Cisco, because it's more gentle on the shaping side of things. Suppose you were selling a 20-meg link. Because you can shape to the nth degree of traffic, the 20-meg link feels like about a 30 to 40-meg link.""Exinda can show you which product uses how much throughput and can help you manage it.""The most valuable feature is the ability to manage the traffic at the application layer. It makes things a lot easier. We're not digging for port numbers and IP addresses and different services... It makes us far more responsive in our ability to do things and speed up the process. We're a very small shop, so having something that's straightforward and easy to use is a big help."

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"It is very easy to install the solution.""Steelhead is stable, and it can even help you avoid service interruption in the event of a power outage. If your hardware fails, technical support will replace your device quickly.""The compression of Riverbed is very powerful. It can also handle large quantities of traffic.""The most valuable feature of Steelhead is its optimization capabilities.""SteelHead works from the application. I use it to optimize traffic from Amazon. It is mainly used for customers who need to increase the traffic to 33K. For other users, it has been more of an operation.""TCP optimization... caches a particular TCP connection and the next time a user uses that connection he will reach the destination easily.""Scalable data referencing is a great feature.""I find the most valuable to be the compression and exchange replication."

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"In terms of improvement, one thing that has always frustrated me about it is that when you look at real-time monitoring, you can only filter it by IP address. You can't filter it by anything else. It would be good if we could filter by VLAN.""There might be room for improvement in the speed and throughput of some of their devices. They're getting a bit slow on some of the bigger devices. It would be helpful if there were some sort of an ISP model.""The updating of applications that the system knows about could be a little quicker. For example, Zoom had been out for a while, but it took a while for it to show up as an application that Exinda could natively handle. We had to write some things in order to handle Zoom, initially.""A lot of working with this solution is really intuitive. I have picked it up mostly on my own. I'm sure that there are some things that maybe I hadn't thought of or really hadn't considered, and I think it would be good just to promote some day courses. I don't really see a whole lot that comes out for Exinda as far as training or informational sessions through our normal resellers. It would be cool to know more about the solution by utilizing educational resources or even have Exinda promoted a bit better.""It should improve the quality of service. It can improve their connection to the internet and your IP.""What I don't like is the fact that I haven't purchased the overall management interface. That is the interface that allows you to manage multiple Exindas. Personally, I think Exinda should provide that for free. I think that if you buy more and more Exinda boxes, you shouldn't then have to incur a charge for the overall management software. While I can manage each Exinda separately, if they provided me with the overall management platform for free that would probably encourage me to buy more appliances."

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"The product should offer more integration capabilities.""They should include a network switch in a future release.""The application response time of the solution can be improved.""I would like to see improvement in the solution’s configuration and protocol aspects. We have got some configurations that are not set. I would also like to simplify the call detection of some protocols.""One area for improvement is related to monitoring and visibility.""If we load a primary firewall, the secondary firewall usually handles all the active connections, but in Riverbed, this isn't the case. We lose all the active connections at the moment of failure.""Application response time and network performance could be improved.""Steelhead's handling of encrypted traffic could be improved because it requires some complex configuration to optimize encrypted traffic, especially when working with Microsoft protocols for mail servers and VPN services"

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It is priced well for the market, for what it needs to do."
  • "The pricing and licensing are pretty fair and really competitive. There are other SD-WAN solutions that are pretty costly because they build in a service where they'll manage it for you, which is really great. I don't know if Exinda has that option as well. However, we are a small shop and cost-conscious. For things like this, we are accustomed to self-managing and this solution suits us just fine. For a tool that gives you, like the graphs and reporting, it has a fair price point."
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  • "The solution is expensive and the service contacts are costly too. The cost of the device makes the value proposition borderline acceptable for us. The service contract fees we pay is approximately $30,000 annually."
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    Top Answer:We just did an assessment for our 47 datacenters around North America. The top two enterprise-level network monitoring solutions were ExtraHop first, Riverbed SteelCenter second. Their negotiated cost… more »
    Top Answer:The most valuable feature of Steelhead is its optimization capabilities.
    Top Answer:The application response time of the solution can be improved.
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    Exinda is designed to help Network Managers solve pressing IT problems in today's complex network. Our award winning technology combines interactive analytics, an intelligent recommendation engine and powerful actions like shaping and optimization, all in one solution.

    Steelhead is the leading network optimization and application performance solution chosen by over 30,000 organizations worldwide. The performance of networks and applications directly impacts business productivity. Riverbed draws from nearly two decades of experience in driving network and application performance over Wide Area Networks with its flagship offering, SteelHead. SteelHead delivers the underlying technology that helps enterprises of all sizes maximize the efficiency and performance of the networks and applications used to run modern business. 

    SteelHead is proven to dramatically speed up the performance of applications anywhere in the organization while delivering the best end-user experience even under sub optimal network conditions. Reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 95%, deferring costly network bandwidth upgrades. Increase performance by up to 100x for on-premises applications.

    Sample Customers
    UMass Dartmouth, MLB Network, R&R Ice Cream, Savills, Manhattan School of Music, Blum Shapiro, Cincinnati Public Schools, City of Richmond, Genting Casinos, The Salvation Army, VoIP Unlimited, Frontier Silicon, Lakeshore Toltest, CTI Foods
    ElAraby, SFK Leblanc, Bobst Group, Northwest Pipe Company, Halkbank, Tradebridge, EFG Hermes
    Top Industries
    Comms Service Provider29%
    Manufacturing Company14%
    Marketing Services Firm14%
    Computer Software Company24%
    Educational Organization12%
    Real Estate/Law Firm11%
    Financial Services Firm7%
    Energy/Utilities Company20%
    Construction Company7%
    Media Company7%
    Computer Software Company16%
    Financial Services Firm11%
    Manufacturing Company10%
    Company Size
    Small Business11%
    Midsize Enterprise44%
    Large Enterprise44%
    Small Business28%
    Midsize Enterprise5%
    Large Enterprise67%
    Small Business10%
    Midsize Enterprise35%
    Large Enterprise55%
    Small Business19%
    Midsize Enterprise19%
    Large Enterprise63%
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    WAN Optimization
    February 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about HPE Aruba Networking, Cato Networks, Citrix and others in WAN Optimization. Updated: February 2024.
    757,198 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Exinda is ranked 7th in WAN Optimization while Steelhead is ranked 4th in WAN Optimization with 4 reviews. Exinda is rated 8.8, while Steelhead is rated 8.0. On the other hand, the top reviewer of Steelhead writes "Exceptionally stable and reliable but costly". Exinda is most compared with Symantec Proxy and Citrix SD-WAN, whereas Steelhead is most compared with Fortinet FortiGate, Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN Platform, WAAS, Citrix SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN.

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