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Elastic Search
Ranking in Cloud Data Integration
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Indexing and Search (1st), Search as a Service (1st), Vector Databases (1st)
Palantir Foundry
Ranking in Cloud Data Integration
Average Rating
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Data Integration (11th), IT Operations Analytics (5th), Supply Chain Analytics (1st), Data Migration Appliances (3rd), Data Management Platforms (DMP) (1st), Data and Analytics Service Providers (1st)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Cloud Data Integration category, the mindshare of Elastic Search is 2.1%, up from 0.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Palantir Foundry is 2.4%, down from 3.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud Data Integration
Unique Categories:
Indexing and Search
Search as a Service
Data Integration
IT Operations Analytics

Featured Reviews

Oct 28, 2022
Useful user behavior analysis, reliable, but report templates could improve
The solution satisfies our business needs The most valuable feature of Elastic Enterprise Search is user behavior analysis. Elastic Enterprise Search could improve the report templates. I have been using Elastic Enterprise Search for a while. Elastic Enterprise Search is stable. The…
Dec 12, 2022
Provides great data integration and takes out the complexity of building your own tech stack
Palantir Foundry builds full applications for us. We can build an end-to-end application from data ingestion and data pipelining, to application building. Early on, we built an internal application that ingested data from our ERP and BI environment that is used by around 700 users.  Palantir…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"ELK Elasticsearch is 100% scalable as scalability is built into the design"
"The most valuable features of Elastic Enterprise Search are it's cloud-ready and we do a lot of infrastructure as code. By using ELK, we're able to deploy the solution as part of our ISC deployment."
"Elasticsearch includes a graphical user interface (GUI) called Kibana. The GUI features are extremely beneficial to us."
"The ability to aggregate log and machine data into a searchable index reduces time to identify and isolate issues for an application. Saves time in triage and incident response by eliminating manual steps to access and parse logs on separate systems, within large infrastructure footprints."
"The most valuable features are the ease and speed of the setup."
"The most valuable feature of Elastic Enterprise Search is the opportunity to search behind and between different logs."
"I really like the visualization that you can do within it. That's really handy. Product-wise, it is a very good and stable product."
"Data indexing of historical data is the most beneficial feature of the product."
"The ease of use is my favorite feature. We're able to build different models and projects or combine different projects to build one use case."
"The solution offers very good end-to-end capabilities."
"The data lineage is great."
"The interface is really user-friendly."
"The solution provides an end-to-end integrated tech stack that takes care of all utility/infrastructure topics for you."
"The security is also excellent. It's highly granular, so the admins have a high degree of control, and there are many levels of security. That worked well. You won't have an EDC unless you put everything onto the platform because it is its own isolated thing."
"Great features available in one tool."
"Encapsulates all the components without the requirement to integrate or check compatibility."


"Ratio aggregation is not supported in this solution."
"They should improve its documentation. Their official documentation is not very informative. They can also improve their technical support. They don't help you much with the customized stuff. They also need to add more visuals. Currently, they have line charts, bar charts, and things like that, and they can add more types of visuals. They should also improve the alerts. They are not very simple to use and are a bit complex. They could add more options to the alerting system."
"The price could be better. Kibana has some limitations in terms of the tablet to view event logs. I also have a high volume of data. On the initialization part, if you chose Kibana, you'll have some limitations. Kibana was primarily proposed as a log data reviewer to build applications to the viewer log data using Kibana. Then it became a virtualization tool, but it still has limitations from a developer's point of view."
"Elastic Search needs to improve its technical support. It should be customer-friendly and have good support."
"There are a lot of manual steps on the operating system. It could be simplified in the user interface."
"The reports could improve."
"Elastic Search could benefit from a more user-friendly onboarding process for beginners."
"It was not possible to use authentication three years back. You needed to buy the product's services for authentication."
"It requires a lot of manual work and is very time-consuming to get to a functional point."
"They do not have a data center in Europe, and we have lots of personally identifiable information in our dataset that needs to be hosted by a third-party data center like Amazon or Microsoft Azure."
"The solution could use more online documentation for new users."
"The workflow could be improved."
"Difficult to receive data from external sources."
"Compared to other hyperscalers, Palantir Foundry is complex and not so user-intuitive."
"Some error messages can be very cryptic."
"It would be helpful to build applications based on Azure functions or web apps in Palantir Foundry."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"An X-Pack license is more affordable than Splunk."
"The solution is affordable."
"The price of Elastic Enterprise is very, very competitive."
"The premium license is expensive."
"We use the free version for some logs, but not extensive use."
"The tool is not expensive. Its licensing costs are yearly."
"The tool is an open-source product."
"The price could be better."
"Palantir Foundry has different pricing models that can be negotiated."
"The solution’s pricing is high."
"It's expensive."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about ELK Elasticsearch?
Logsign provides us with the capability to execute multiple queries according to our requirements. The indexing is very high, making it effective for storing and retrieving logs. The real-time anal...
What needs improvement with ELK Elasticsearch?
I don't see improvements at the moment. The current setup is working well for me, and I'm satisfied with it. Integrating with different platforms is also fine, and I'm not recommending any changes ...
What do you like most about Palantir Foundry?
Palantir Foundry is a robust platform that has really strong plugin connectors and provides features for real-time integration.
What needs improvement with Palantir Foundry?
Palantir Foundry is very good for someone technical. The tool still needs to work on the non-technical part, where people can use its flexibility. The business user should not end up writing huge q...
What is your primary use case for Palantir Foundry?
The AI engine that comes with Palantir Foundry is quite interesting. We have a lot of data from various trials and analyses. We need a machine learning and analytical feature that can push huge amo...

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