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GitHub Dependabot
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Mark Kim - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 17, 2023
Docker facilitates a smoother process in teaching environments, avoiding setup issues for multiple students
We set it up a lot of times to create environments for our students.  When we teach our students, it's really important that everybody is on the same version of all their dependencies. So, Docker, we can set up the images on Docker, and it sets everybody up.  So it's a much smoother process.…
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"Docker is open source. To use a Docker enterprise model, we would need to pay for it."
"Docker is a free-to-use solution. However, Docker Enterprise is not free."
"I use the solution's open-source version."
"Its convenience edition is free of cost."
"We are using the open-source version of the solution."
"Docker is a free open-source solution."
"We use the open-source version."
"Docker's price is good."
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What do you like most about Docker?
We are using Docker to host applications.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Docker?
We have a monthly subscription. The product is not expensive. I rate the pricing an eight out of ten.
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