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We performed a comparison between Cambium Networks Wireless WAN and Fortinet FortiExtender based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Wireless WAN solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed Cambium Networks Wireless WAN vs. Fortinet FortiExtender Report (Updated: November 2022).
653,584 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"It is easy to deploy, and it is not that complicated. There are a lot of systems that are very complicated, and they require a special kind of training. Their response is also very slow, especially with the Chinese vendors, but with Cambium, we have not faced any issues. Everything is going well in terms of cooperation from Cambium. We are happy with them, their services, their cooperation, and their quick response. They are just amazing.""What I find valuable is the fact that you don't need to purchase any license. Basically you just get the hardware for the access points, configure an IP and connect it with a switch.""The feature that I really liked is the mesh feature. Currently, we are in quarantine, and the request of home users is that they need to cover the whole house or the whole indoor house. Mesh solution works really nice in Cambium environment. Being able to set up access points in advance is a good feature. It lets you set up the whole environment in your lab or any other place before deploying the access points.""The initial setup of Cambium is straightforward.""The pricing of the product is very, very reasonable.""Technical support has been good.""One could say that Cambium is a scalable solution.""It's a good product and works well when there is a lot of interference."

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"You don't need to have two different vendors to interoperate and get into comparability issues or inter-operability issues.""The most valuable feature will be that it works.""Management can be carried out from a central point.""For me, the best feature of Fortinet FortiExtender is its integration with an external solution such as a 5G LTE broadband modem, wired modem, and cellular network. I also like that the product can be integrated into one device or a unified device, and that is one of its best features because it allows you to manage and centralize the control of every device."

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"The Wifi coverage and throughput performance of Cambium could improve.""The installation and configuration are a bit complex.""Cambium Networks Wireless WAN is stable but sometimes the 2.4 gigahertz network is sometimes not as stable as the 5 gigahertz. The 5 gigahertz works smoothly with everything, but 2.4 has some problems. If we change the configuration I am not sure if it would fix the problem.""The range of the product is disappointing so far.""Cambium Networks Wireless WAN could improve by providing a better signal range.""I think this product could be improved if It were SMS based. If I have a visitor in my office, I'd like to be able to send them the wireless password as a message via SMS, so I don't have to give it out.""It has voucher generation. These vouchers are provided to the customers. It would be great if there is a possibility to integrate these vouchers with the system that vendors use to print the receipts. For example, if you go to Starbucks, they provide you a receipt, and in that receipt, you have the code for the Wi-Fi network. I would like some kind of integration or API that can be integrated into any other system for generating such receipts. It would be a really nice feature. It has the cnMaestro portal that normally an integrator sets up. When you deploy this solution to a user, rather than generating a Cambium account, I would like to share this console with the users so that they can at least see the stability of the network and not necessarily trust what I said. It also allows the customers in visualizing the way that they are connecting and the way the network is behaving. I have been in touch with the Cambium team for these features, but they don't yet have the final answer. It is kind of hard to get these solutions immediately. It is a bit challenging to bring these devices to Lima, Peru, or to get Cambium from the distributors. They need to import these devices.""The installation is difficult."

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"Though Fortinet FortiExtender has some security features, the product could still be improved by adding features similar to those in FortiGuard, such as antivirus, intrusion, prevention, and detection, as well as web filtering features. The product is also not as user-friendly, so that's another area for improvement. In the FortiGate UTM solution of Fortinet, there's software-defined or SD-WAN, and in the next release of Fortinet FortiExtender, I'd like to see SD-WAN embedded in the product. Most of the communication in Fortinet FortiExtender is related to WAN and Edge, so having an SD-WAN function in the product would be useful for integrating and controlling WAN communication.""I would like to see them make it smaller in the next release so that it has a smaller footprint for mobile clients.""There is a huge downside because we need to remove and insert the SIM to get it working.""What most of my clients are telling me is the price is a problem."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Its price is in the middle range."
  • "There are no licensing fees, it's a one-time cost."
  • "I think the pricing is fine for Cambium."
  • "When it comes to licensing costs we have been using the Cambium devices on a trial basis."
  • "There are not any licenses needed to use Cambium."
  • "Cambium Networks Wireless WAN is a free solution, we only pay for the hardware. The warranty of the hardware is for five years."
  • "The price of this solution is expensive in Bangladesh. The cost is approximately 56,000 BDT for the XV2 which is expensive. They should reduce their price."
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  • "I'm not sure what the cost is. However, I anticipate that the purchase price will range between $2,500 and $5,000."
  • "I've only used the open-source version of Fortinet FortiExtender, but I know that it has some features that require you to pay for a license."
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    653,584 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:For me, Ubiquiti was easy to install, configure, set up, and maintain, while also providing solid coverage and better handoffs between APs. This is especially relevant if you are using Apple products… more »
    Top Answer:Cambium Networks Wireless WAN is scalable. The XV2 model of the solution can support up to 216 people at a time.
    Top Answer:The price of this solution is expensive in Bangladesh. The cost is approximately 56,000 BDT for the XV2 which is expensive. They should reduce their price. It would be better if the price was 35,000… more »
    Top Answer:For me, the best feature of Fortinet FortiExtender is its integration with an external solution such as a 5G LTE broadband modem, wired modem, and cellular network. I also like that the product can be… more »
    Top Answer:I've only used the open-source version of Fortinet FortiExtender, but I know that it has some features that require you to pay for a license.
    Top Answer:Though Fortinet FortiExtender has some security features, the product could still be improved by adding features similar to those in FortiGuard, such as antivirus, intrusion, prevention, and… more »
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    Also Known As
    Cambium PMP Series, Cambium ePMP Series
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    Cambium Networks is a global provider of wireless broadband solutions for business and residential uses. Cambium cloud-based software serves a wide range of industries, including governmental and military agencies, oil, gas, and utility companies, Internet providers, private enterprises, and public safety networks. It features an extensive portfolio of managed WiFi and broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms.

    Cambium Networks provides a reliable, scalable, and secure wireless fabric infrastructure. It gives organizations end-to-end network visibility and actionable analytics to maximize broadband and Wi-Fi performance.

    What services does Cambium Network provide?

    • CCTV Backhaul - Cambium simplifies camera connections by providing multi-gigabit, low-latency wireless connectivity. Companies can deploy single-camera operations within hours. There is no need for running cables. It is scalable and highly reliable.
    • Enterprise Networking - Cambium WiFi solutions help enterprises to connect across their entire operation. They provide automated ethernet switching that simplifies processes. The cloud-based management system gives visibility into the system from anywhere. Their WiFi Designer simplifies indoor deployments.
    • Fixed Wireless Broadband - The comprehensive portfolio covers from last-mile to WiFi and long-haul. Monitoring network performance is simpler thanks to the cloud-based management platform. The scalability of the wireless broadband enables it to cover thousands of users in large areas.
    • Outdoor Wireless for Private Networks - Cambium Networks’ suite of wireless and WiFi solutions delivers connectivity across campuses and locations, with high throughput and low latency. The end-to-end monitoring simplifies management. It covers field area networks and is easily scalable.
    • Small Cell Backhaul - Video streaming and similar bandwidth-intensive voice applications require fixed wireless technology that can deliver low latency and high throughput. Cambium small cell backhaul service is easy to install in existing structures, relieving overburdened networks. The system can establish backhaul connectivity in days.
    • Hybrid Networks - The hybrid network solution enables the wireless expansion of fiber infrastructure. This allows for high bandwidth, low latency, and faster speeds. A network can be expanded in days without the need of running additional cable. The solutions can serve anything from single locations to large-scale deployments.

    Benefits of Cambium Networks

    • Great performance
    • Flexibility
    • Rich connectivity without bandwidth problems
    • Multiple features with wide capabilities, management, and control
    • Easy setup
    • Sound and solid product with easy configuration and management
    • Improves business process agility
    • Delivers cost management
    • Drives revenue growth
    • Drives innovation

    One feature that stands out is Cambium’s flexibility. Network designers can choose the right technology mix to solve their problems, thanks to open APIs that enable you to add services whenever necessary. This flexibility allows Cambium Networks to deliver consistent high-performance WiFi that feels like it’s wired, with extended coverage and security that serve all sized companies.

    Cambium solutions securely provide a cost-effective wireless fabric, customized for enterprises needs. This flexibility results in Cambium solutions application in an array of use cases, from healthcare and education to mining, law enforcement, public safety, oil & gas. The adaptability and multiple options make Cambium a sort of wild card you can apply to whichever networking challenges you may have.

    Reviews from Real Users

    PeerSpot users have the following to say about Cambium Networks:

    - "It's a good product and works well when there is a lot of interference." - Manish N., Owner at IT Logic

    - “Everything is going well in terms of cooperation from Cambium. We are happy with them, their services, their cooperation, and their quick response. They are just amazing." - Sami A., Manager at Global Trading

    - "The pricing of the product is very, very reasonable.” - Tahmeed S.G., Executive at Integra Technologies Limited

    Fortinet FortiExtender is a cost-effective hardware WAN device that is robust, easily scales, and delivers 5G, LTE, and Ethernet options. FortiExtender is designed using Fortinet’s trademark security-focused networking. The solution enables organizations to have enhanced secure network connectivity with cellular and wired broadband network options.

    FortiExtender can be used for secure point of sale (POS) systems to transport fleet communications. The device delivers dependable broadband access to the internet and increases the usefulness of the Fortinet Security Fabric integration to enhance seamless business processes that rely heavily on remote device connectivity to get the job done.

    FortiExtender delivers super-fast 5G and LTE wireless to connect and quickly scale any WAN edge. Users get 5G/LTE cellular, out-of-band management (OBM), high availability (HA), and dynamic risk security in one comprehensive, reliable solution.

    Fortinet FortiExtender Benefits

    • Failover protection: Users get secure network failover protection with dual SIM, dual modem, and out of band management (OBM) functionalities.

    • Cloud-based processes: Organizations with a global reach can easily manage processes in the cloud from anywhere. Users can use FortiGate, FortiManager, or FortiExtender Cloud Dashboard to view and easily manage security controls, network changes, and policy and protocol automation.

    • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN for simplified deployment, security, and management.

    • Improves TCO: FortiExtender is a very cost-effective option when integrated with FortiGate Network Security Platform. FortiExtender implements processes that save money and improve connectivity, functionality, and profitability.

    Fortinet FortiExtender Features

    • Plug-and-play: Out of the box and ready to go, once FortiExtenders are connected to the FortiGate, they are available on the FortiOS management platform. Additionally, FortiOS provides complete visibility, monitoring data usage to ensure limits are not exceeded, resulting in significant cost savings.

    • Flexible connectivity options: 

      • LTE/5G : The FortiExtender devices provide dual SIM and dual modem options for four different ISPs. Dual SIM allows for active/passive cellular link for fast failover. Dual modem options provide two active/passive links for super-fast failover and disaster recovery. ISPs can be set for data usage limits and seamlessly switch to other ISPs to balance connectivity and reduce costs.

      • WAN connectivity: Using an Ethernet WAN port, users can connect cable, DSL, or another modem. Load balancing and failover options available.

      • Hybrid WAN-LAN connectivity: Four LAN ethernet ports enable users to have numerous connections to the LTE connection. Works well for high availability (HA) pairs of FortiGates to connect to FortiExtender. FortiGates then will run in failover or load balancing mode and receive WAN connectivity from the FortiExtender device.

    Reviews from Real Users

    “Fortinet FortiExtender helps facilitate Fortinet connectivity. When it comes to cell phone towers, you never know what you'll get with global configurations. We use this solution to mitigate switching cell phone towers. The scalability is limitless based on your cell and your internet or your cloud connectivity.  It's similar to any other VPN in terms of how simple it is to set up in a global or extended environment with a large number of clients.” - Clement J., Chief Executive Officer at Clemtech LLC

    Learn more about Cambium Networks Wireless WAN
    Learn more about Fortinet FortiExtender
    Sample Customers
    Wireless Etc, Agricultural Technology Company in Brazil, Redfox, SKYNET, HOUSTON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, APPLEBEE’S
    Black Gold Regional Schools, Amadeus Hospitality, Jefferson County, Chunghwa Telecom, City of Boroondara, Dimension Data
    Top Industries
    Manufacturing Company43%
    Consumer Goods Company43%
    Comms Service Provider27%
    Computer Software Company13%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Computer Software Company34%
    Comms Service Provider12%
    Educational Organization9%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Company Size
    Small Business36%
    Midsize Enterprise21%
    Large Enterprise43%
    Small Business37%
    Midsize Enterprise20%
    Large Enterprise42%
    Small Business86%
    Large Enterprise14%
    Small Business37%
    Midsize Enterprise22%
    Large Enterprise42%
    Buyer's Guide
    Cambium Networks Wireless WAN vs. Fortinet FortiExtender
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Cambium Networks Wireless WAN vs. Fortinet FortiExtender and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
    653,584 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Cambium Networks Wireless WAN is ranked 5th in Wireless WAN with 10 reviews while Fortinet FortiExtender is ranked 7th in Wireless WAN with 4 reviews. Cambium Networks Wireless WAN is rated 7.6, while Fortinet FortiExtender is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of Cambium Networks Wireless WAN writes "A stable, scalable, and easy-to-deploy solution that lets you set up the access points in advance and has the useful mesh feature". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Fortinet FortiExtender writes "Seamless with excellent integration capabilities and flexibility". Cambium Networks Wireless WAN is most compared with Ubiquiti Wireless, Ruckus Wireless WAN, Cisco Wireless WAN and Aruba Networks Wireless WAN, whereas Fortinet FortiExtender is most compared with Cisco Wireless WAN, Ruckus Wireless WAN and Ubiquiti Wireless. See our Cambium Networks Wireless WAN vs. Fortinet FortiExtender report.

    See our list of best Wireless WAN vendors.

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