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Aqua Cloud Security Platform
Ranking in Cloud and Data Center Security
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Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Container Security (9th), Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP) (11th), Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) (9th), Software Supply Chain Security (6th), DevSecOps (5th)
Trend Micro Deep Security
Ranking in Cloud and Data Center Security
Average Rating
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Ranking in other categories
Virtualization Security (1st)

Featured Reviews

Aug 2, 2023
Provides workload protection and helps identify security misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and risks
I'm using it for workload protection. So, in most cases, for protecting containers, verifying Kubernetes configurations, cloud configurations, and identifying security misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and risks I use it to demonstrate to customers because I'm a sales engineer. Many customers…
Harel Cohen - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 14, 2023
Offers excellent endpoint protection and great stability
I use the solution to provide general security for my enterprise clients, primarily for servers. Deployments include cloud and on-prem.  I've been deploying Trend Micro for my clients for a long time, which has been a significant factor in our security posture. The solution's endpoint protection…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The container security element of this product has been very valuable to our organization."
"The most valuable feature of Aqua Security is the scanner."
"Customers find it invaluable to have the ability to check for vulnerabilities in an image before deployment, similar to a sandbox environment."
"The most valuable features are that it's easy to use and manage."
"The CSPM product is great at securing our cloud accounts and I really like the runtime protection for containers and functions too."
"Support is very helpful."
"We use Aqua Security for the container security features."
"The DTA, which stands for Dynamic Threat Analysis, allows me to analyze Docker images in a sandbox environment before deployment, helping me anticipate risks."
"The most valuable and advanced feature of the solution is the ability to check vulnerabilities."
"The traceback feature in XDR is amazing. You can trace back an attack. You can playback where an attack actually occurred and see how the attacker moved. We can easily show this to management, and it makes it easy to make them understand and convince them, which is the best thing."
"The most valuable features of the solution we have enabled in our organization are its anti-malware capabilities, applications, web reputation, and integrity monitoring."
"Easy to scale, stable solution for workload and server security and protection. It's easy to set up and has a good ransomware protection feature."
"The initial setup was straightforward and we didn't have any problem with it."
"Trend Micro Deep Security is a complete solution and all the threat management has been taken care of."
"They release timely updates and have efficient prediction features for threat detection."
"Very user-friendly interface, easy to understand."


"They want to release improvements to their product to work with other servers because now there are more focused on the Kubernetes environment. They need to improve the normal servers. I would like to have more options."
"The user interface could be improved, especially in terms of organization and clarity."
"The solution could improve user-friendliness."
"Aqua Security lacks a lot in reporting."
"Sometimes I got stressed with the UI."
"The integrations on CICD could be improved. If Aqua had more plugins or container images to integrate and automate more easily on CICD, it would be better."
"Since we are working from home, we would like to have the proper training for Aqua."
"It's a bit hard to use the user roles. That was a bit confusing."
"A minor issue in Trend Micro Deep Security is that once the tool is upgraded, it shows some machines as offline or not reported while showing a recent update as outdated. The tool has some server connection issues."
"The product isn't very user-friendly."
"f it had the capability of generating retroactive alerts it would be helpful."
"Requires simplification, a fair amount of trouble shooting required."
"Sometimes the patching is a bit slow."
"The problem with this solution is that if you go on large sites you have to have an external database, which would increase the cost."
"Enhancements in agent performance are needed, specifically in reducing server utilization during scanning."
"We have had some issues when it drains some of the resources of the server."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The pricing of this solution could be improved."
"It comes at a reasonable cost."
"They were reasonable with their pricing. They were pretty down-to-earth about the way they pitched their product and the way they tried to close the deal. They were one of the rare companies that approached the whole valuation in a way that made sense for our company, for our needs, and for their own requirements as well... They will accommodate your needs if they are able to understand them and they're stated clearly."
"Aqua Security is not cheap, and it's not very expensive, such as Splunk, they are in the middle."
"Dealing with licensing costs isn't my responsibility, but I know that the licenses don't depend on the number of users, but instead are priced according to your workload."
"The AWS licensing model is scalable and easy to use, but could do with tiered discounts. I am not sure how well this model will scale when we start to use Auto Scaling with AWS resources."
"We need to make yearly payments for the solution's licensing. There are different pricing models, like subscription-based and perpetual."
"There is a subscription cost to use this product."
"The tool's pricing is quite high."
"The price of Trend Micro Deep Security could be less expensive."
"Trend Micro Deep Security is average compared to other products on the market; it's neither particularly expensive nor cheap."
"Trend Micro Deep Security is quite expensive."
"Some of our customers complain about the cost of this solution."
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Questions from the Community

What do you think of Aqua Security vs Prisma Cloud?
Aqua Security is easy to use and very manageable. Its main focus is on Kubernetes and Docker. Security is a very valuable feature and their speed of integration is very good. The initial setup was ...
What do you like most about Aqua Security?
Customers find it invaluable to have the ability to check for vulnerabilities in an image before deployment, similar to a sandbox environment.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Aqua Security?
It comes at a reasonable cost. When compared to Prisma Cloud, it is more budget-friendly.
Is Crowdstrike Falcon better than Trend Micro Deep Security?
I like that Crowdstrike allows me to easily correlate data between my firewalls. What’s most useful for my needs is the intelligence modules feature. I also find that Crowdstrike Falcon’s dashboard...
What's the difference between Trend Micro Deep Security and Trend Micro Apex One?
Trend Micro Deep Security offers a lot of features. It guarantees security for your data center, cloud, and containers - all with a unified and comprehensive SaaS solution and without compromising ...

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Aqua Security Platform, CloudSploit, Argon
Deep Security



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792,098 professionals have used our research since 2012.