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1Kosmos BlockID
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Yubico YubiKey
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Passwordless Authentication (2nd), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (2nd)

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May 23, 2023
A tool that is compact, lightweight, stable scalable and durable
In many cases, there's hesitancy to use the phone as the other alternative. Number one is that some people don't like to mix personal and business on their phones. They just want the phone for personal use. And number two, at some sites, it is banned on the shop floor. They don't want phones on the shop floor, or we have highly classified spaces here, in which the data is extremely confidential, and there's no possibility. It's physically secured to the point where the employees that manage that data cannot carry their phones into that space. So that being the case, the phone is not an option. So, we give YubiKey to them as an option.

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"We paid 100 bucks for one Yubikey."
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What do you like most about Yubico YubiKey?
The solution is simple to use and we have installed it in our clients' endpoints. The tool is just plug-and-play for the end user. The end user can just put in the key to the security computer and ...
What needs improvement with Yubico YubiKey?
It would be better if the product can come up with a serial number for the keys. It would be nice if they had a numbering system as a configuration identity that would help the IT and technical tea...
What is your primary use case for Yubico YubiKey?
We use YubiKey to authenticate online services with email, web, and Twitter. We deploy it for some sensitive administrative accounts to improve security.


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