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What is CA SymDump?

CA SymDump Batch helps you identify and resolve mainframe batch dumps as quickly as possible, promoting increased application stability and reliability.

It provides comprehensive diagnostic information for batch abnormal endings (ABENDs) in the testing and production environments. It generates concise reports to help find and fix application failures in mainframe batch programs before they interfere with your development schedule or affect application performance.

CA SymDump Batch not only provides reports on program failures, but also offers insights into the root cause of the problem along with a suggested course of action. You get the information needed for a swift, informed response that can increase application reliability and help you consistently meet your SLAs.

CA SymDump Batch offers intelligent support for a variety of mainframe databases, comprehensive reporting and other capabilities to enable your enterprise to:

  • Quickly trace the flow of unfamiliar code to pinpoint performance problems.
  • Debug programs before and during production.
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