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What is Aspect Workforce Optimization?
Aspect is one of 32 Microsoft partners in the United States designated as a National System Integrator. While Aspect is not a stand-alone customer relationship management (CRM) software tool, it designed to help maximize Microsoft Dynamics and a variety of other Microsoft programs for companies of all sizes. Aspect builds customer relationships through a combination of contact management, workforce optimization, Microsoft unified communications, and collaboration platform solutions. With this tool, users can access and track all customer interactions and automate sales, marketing, and customer support processes. Clients have the ability to choose between an on-premise, Aspect-hosted, or Microsoft-hosted deployment option. Aspect seamlessly integrates with other key business applications including sharepoint.This CRM solution brings people, processes, and technologies together to improve overall business productivity. The Alberici Group is one of the largest construction contractors in the United States, and it needed a single system to effectively manage its accounts, sales opportunities, and contracts. Aspect was able to help it develop and roll out a customized Microsoft Dynamics solution to track and manage accounts, contacts, associated sales opportunities, and customer histories. This allowed multiple divisions to use a single source of information, save an estimated 5,000 hours a year in manpower by eliminating double entry, and implement higher levels of transparency and collaboration throughout the organization.

Aspect Workforce Optimization was previously known as Aspect Cloud, Aspect.

Aspect Workforce Optimization Customers
Apple, AT&T, British Airways, Chase, Citi, Cleveland Clinic, CVS Pharmacy, Daimler, Dell, Ebay, FedEx, HSBC, IBM, ING Direct, Microsoft, Starwood, Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone
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