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What is Amax StorMax SDS?

Software Defined Storage

StorMax™ SDS is a cost effective storage solution that provides Enterprise customers with a scale out distributed storage architecture to support the need for unified storage on Object, Block, and File System. Coupled with an open-source Ceph package, StorMax™ SDS is designed to solve your storage pain points while representing the next generation of storage architecture. Key features include:

  • A cost effective and flexible storage solution based on Open Compute (OCP) server architecture.
  • Distributed data storage system, where data is replicated and striped across the storage cluster.
  • Highly scalable and available with autonomous and self-healing capabilities due to Ceph’s design of intelligent OSD daemon.
  • An integrated storage solution that combines extreme reliability and flexibility with ease of management for IT operations.
  • Free of charge distribution model, allowing companies to get away from legacy subscription models.

Amax StorMax SDS was previously known as StorMax SDS.

Amax StorMax SDS Customers

Intel, Cinncinati Bell, Lincoln Financial Group, McAfee, Merck, Cisco

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