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Top 8 Digital Risk Protection

Recorded FutureCybersixgill Investigative PortalIntSightsZeroFOXGroup-IB Digital Risk ProtectionDigital ShadowsCyberInt ArgosDMARC Compass
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    As a threat intelligence tool, it's very helpful.
  2. The advanced analysis has made our security operations more efficient. It has also potentially given us quicker access to data that we might not have otherwise located.
  3. It's great at alerting users to attempts at phishing and suspicious domains.
  4. ZeroFOX has no language limitations. It can detect many languages.
  5. It provides the broadest protection covering websites, marketplace, advertising, and social media, which includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They also offer mobile application monitoring and enforcement not only in the Google Play store but also in the Apple store. They can monitor and enforce the distribution of mobile applications, any kind of app website such as Android, and a lot of other custom stuff. To be able to customize and specify the platforms that need to be monitored and enforced is something that our clients find most valuable.
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