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Real Estate Analysis Bay County, FL

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1 month project

Project Description

Case Study - Analysis of Real Estate Sales in Bay County, FL During 2015

Analysis of qualified real estate sales and just values used for property taxes in Bay County, Florida using computer assisted audit techniques and data visualization software. Public data was mined from the online information provided by the Property Appraiser’s office using web data extraction software, filtered with ACL Analytics, and presented in an interactive format with Tableau Public.
During 2015, there were over 13,000 transfers of real property in Bay County. This study focused on only “qualified sales”, meaning those that were an arm’s length transaction between unrelated buyers and sellers. 4,622 sales met the criteria to be included in the sample and were examined to answer the following questions:

  • How many qualified sales were in each tax district?
  • What types of properties were sold?
  • When did the sales occur and what is the trend?
  • Where did the buyers come from?
  • How much did the properties sell for?
  • Are the just valuations used for property tax purposes reasonable?
  • Was there a gain or loss on the sale of the properties?

The case study includes a discussion of the analysis process and methods. The results are shared in a dynamic format that allows the reader to view, interact with, and download the underlying data. Using these advanced technologies, reporting is elevated by allowing the audience the opportunity to make their own discoveries beyond what is presented.

Lessons Learned

I would let more people know it was in progress so there wasn't so much work in letting people know about it upon completion. I would also realize that it was going to take more work to educate the public on how to use the online features of the case study than I originally anticipated.


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