Visualizations designed for Demand Planning, integrating with 'R'

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4 month project

Project Description

Visualizations designed for Demand Planning, integrating with 'R' - Designed to understand customer historical ordering patterns and forecast seasonal demand. 'R' had to be interfaced, in order to leverage statistical functions in libraries instead of using Tableau built-in limited functions.

I trained the Demand Planning experts in visualizations in general, and Tableau in particular, in order to create common ground to discuss how to better expose metrics for demand planning community to consume.

Lessons Learned

Highly virtual cross-functional team. An early face-to-face training meeting is necessary to build the relationships.


Support from colleagues

Products Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Visual Analytics design
  • Statistics
  • Demand Planning

Technical Certifications

  • Tableau Certified designer
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  • Toronto (CA)43.7001-79.4163