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Over 8 years ago
Tableau does very well what it was designed to do. It has also re-defined the role of IT in the context of self-served analytics In the last few years it has learned they have to partner with other companies to deliver an E2E solution, becoming an option to the monolithic…


Over 8 years ago
Dashboards designed & delivered to analyze wagering performance
Dashboards Designed and Delivered to analayze wagering performance
Over 8 years ago
Visualizations designed for Demand Planning, integrating with 'R'
Visualizations designed for Demand Planning, integrating with 'R' - Designed to understand customer historical ordering patterns and forecast seasonal demand. 'R' had to be interfaced, in order to leverage statistical functions in libraries instead of using Tableau built-in…

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Specialized in translating user requirements into tangible visualizations to track performance, detect outliers and perform root cause analysis.