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Java consultant for B2B Application project

Abdul Samad Irfan Shaik - PeerSpot reviewer
Java Consultant at Liquidhub India Private Limited
12 people affected
12 people managed
8 month project

Project Description

Java consultant for B2B Application project.

The Global Systems Integration Team (GSIT) at Starbucks builds highly available, high throughput integration solutions across A2A, B2B and Retail Payment systems. GSIT moves millions of messages/transactions across the company and the world each day to support Starbucks internal, external and retail business needs. The end-to end flow of the day is monitored by us at daily basis as the process of which we need to start our trouble shooting when we found any issue. Our Architecture is designed completely based on the Environment Servers where we need to navigate to that particular server need to verify the logs and on an end we need to make the transportation of the data to be reached to other end safely

Lessons Learned

We would used other monitoring tools in compared with message queue. If this could be implemented i will love to use comindware tracker application tracker for better management process flow


Under budget
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Products Used

Technical Skills Used

  • J2EE,SQL,UNIX,SHELL scriptiong

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