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When evaluating outsourcing your Penetration Testing Services what is the most important aspect to look for?

Hi community,

We'd like to hear your professional opinion on what aspects would you look for when evaluating a Penetration Testing Services company (i.e., looking to outsource them) for your enterprise. 

Outsourcing your Penetration Testing Services
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(local or global) market reputation/recognition (+ founded time), quality of services/professionals, customers served (mainly business-line, some very good with application is not so good with hardware/telecom, for example), staff (who will meet the demand), laboratory/tools available (not just commercial or well-known tools).

"Only price" should not be an isolated parameter of final choice.

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@Alon Mantsur, @Jairo Willian Pereira ​ and @KashifJamil, ​can you please share some of your experience?