What no-code development platform do you recommend?

Why do you like it?

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Dec 15, 2022

After sifting through all of the different options to find the no-code development platform that would suit my needs, I feel that ServiceNow is the solution that beats out its competitors for the spot of the best no-code development platform. If I were asked to offer a recommendation, I would say that this is the best possible investment for those looking to acquire a no-code development platform.

What drew me to ServiceNow was the sheer versatility and power of the tools and features that it offers users. These features and tools include:

  • Automation. ServiceNow gives me access to a suite of automation tools that enable my team to automate our development workflows without ever having to write a line of code. We can create automated workflows from scratch if necessary and then connect them so that our various enterprises can work together. Our administrators and developers can also automate the management of these workflows. Additionally, agents can be automatically assigned tasks by the platform based on availability, capacity, and skills without requiring an administrator to intervene.

  • Security suite. It enables us to keep our development process and product safe from digital threats. ServiceNow makes it possible for us to encrypt the data that we use to create our applications. We can choose from a number of encryption options and use the one that best serves our needs. Further, we can set access controls that will keep unauthorized individuals from accessing our data.

  • Intelligence tools. ServiceNow has a number of intelligence tools that makes it possible for us to optimize our development process. We can leverage machine learning software to resolve issues faster than we would be able to if we had to handle the events without aid. I can also use performance analytics tools to ensure that I am always aware of how the things that we are designing are functioning so that we can make changes if they prove necessary.

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Deepak Damodarr - PeerSpot reviewer
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Dec 8, 2022

The answer would depend on the type of use case you are seeking advice for. No code development platforms are available for data automation, process automation, app development, etc among others.

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reviewer1753740 - PeerSpot reviewer
VP of Product Leadership at C2FO
Jan 14, 2022
Hello, I work at a Financial Services company.  Currently, I'm exploring no-code developer portals. Please note that I'm not using a gateway.  Among those portals, I've checked Blobr and Astral.sh. Any recommendations about them or any alternative solutions? Please explain why you suggest this or that option? Thanks for the help!
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Juan Anteo - PeerSpot reviewer
Business consultant at Condor Innovation
Jan 12, 2022
I suggest the Odoo platform.  You can start with Zero code and with a little knowledge of PHP you can expand functionalities. Also, the development platform is free. Greetings.
President / COO / Chief Technology Advisor at DeKonsultere LLC
Jan 12, 2022
Quickbase is very good. A number of my clients have built entire enterprise apps on this platform.  You can do all no-code but there is an option to also do script coding if you want to or need to. 
CEO at Neighbiz
Jul 13, 2022
There's lots of unemployment in South Africa (even before COVID) and most people have no smartphone etc. We're a startup. Our app can send them a GSM message telling them there is work, here or there.  I'm desperately seeking advice for what no-code backend database to use. We already have 500,000 users on the database and 50 tables.  Airtable is very expensive. We're also looking at Caspio....
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Russell Rothstein - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at PeerSpot
Jan 11, 2021
See the top alternatives to Caspio. Seems like you may want to consider Quickbase, although I don't know if it's in your price range.
Global Business Development Director at Blocworx
Jan 12, 2021
Hi Jenny, my colleagues in Blocworx - Process Over Code might be able to assist? info@blocworx.com. I hope this helps... Thank you, Mark.
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