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What needs improvement with OpenShift?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with OpenShift.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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John Schiwitz - PeerSpot reviewer
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The software-defined networking part of it caused us quite a bit of heartburn. We ran into a lot of problems with the difference between on-prem and cloud, where we had to make quite a number of modifications. That heartburn meant millions of dollars for us. That was a year ago and the product has matured since then. They've since resolved it, so it's not really an issue anymore. The storage part of it was also problematic. There were quite a few things that really hampered us. But it's much better now.

reviewer1280193 - PeerSpot reviewer
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OpenShift could improve by providing the ability to integrate with public cloud platforms. This way we can easily use the services that these platforms offer. For instance, Amazon AWS. However, all the three major hyper-scalers solutions offer excellent DevOps and CI/CD tooling. If there was an easy way to integrate with them it would be beneficial. We need a way to easily integrate with the monitoring and dashboard services that they provide. Making use of features, such as serverless technology we easily integrate these services with OpenShift. It would be a win-win, because then you can choose the best of all the worlds, and then build your solution.

reviewer1768764 - PeerSpot reviewer
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The whole area around the hybrid cloud could be improved. I would like to deploy a Red Hat OpenShift cluster on-premise and on the cloud, then have Red Hat do the entire hybrid cloud management.

reviewer1383027 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I'd like to see support for more than one server, a mobile user registry. With that, you could divide it more granulary for development and render for testing and using different IDs.

Remigiusz Wilmont - PeerSpot reviewer
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I don't really see any improvements that need to be done.

Swaraj Bhoi - PeerSpot reviewer
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Most of the configurations are command based. If we can have a GUI-based configuration with better flexibility then it will be great. You need to have in-depth technical knowledge of the platform to do any kind of application setup due to the complexity of configurations related to infrastructure, security, etc. Maybe in the future, we can get multi-cloud options such as GCP, Azure, etc.

Sylvain Déjardin - PeerSpot reviewer
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We submitted over 25 requests for enhancement to Red Hat from the beginning of the OpenShift version 3.1, and they were implemented in the last version of the product 3.11. The main drawback was the upgrade from Openshift Enterprise 3.11 to Openshift Enterprise 4 up to now. But the new release Openshift Enterprise 4.2 add a way to migrate from old cluster to the new one easily based on Appranix solution. Namespaces with all data-protection mechanism is taken into account.

Dmitrii Mostovshchikov - PeerSpot reviewer

I think that OpenShift has too many commands for running services from the CLI, and the configuration files are a little complicated. This scares newbies from learning it. I hope that the OpenShift developers will improve this "dark side" of OpenShift.

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