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What needs improvement with F5 BIG-IQ?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with F5 BIG-IQ.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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Overall, the solution is quite good, for how I use it. The user interface could be a bit better. The compatibility with the Hyper-V from Microsoft for cloud deployments could be improved. You do need to have a good and solid background or foundation for networking and you need to understand how to configure F5 appliances in order to properly use it. It's not for a novice user. I think they need to work with their automation within BIG-IQ or the BIG-IP. Almost everything has automation. They could use YAML or JSON if they wanted to make it a little bit easier for us.

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The solution could be easier to manage and to administer. It's a little difficult at the moment. We need some expertise to exploit all of the functionality. The solution should improve pricing. It's expensive in comparison to other American solutions.

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Integration with VAS is something that they need to work on.

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I had trouble with high availability deployment in my environment. I had searched for solutions online but have not been able to determine the root of the problem. Ultimately, I contacted F5 support to resolve the issue. I would like to see the Advanced Web Application Firewall included with this solution.

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The shell, kernel, or Linux has something like a delay, especially with the Virtual Edition when you are trying to implement it in the cloud and you want to access it remotely with web management. It would be great if they could improve their kernel. It was difficult for me, especially when I got started with BIG-IP. I was struggling to find which commands work with it. If you want to work with it, you have to be a Linux guy. The GUI tries to be professional to work with. It's not designed for an amateur or someone that is just trying to get into the ADC world, network, or application delivery services.

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If they had a GUI interface for creating security rules then it would make it easier. As it is now, to create an application rule for the web, or policy, then we need to create a script to do it. There are a lot of scripts available on the internet for people who know how to use them, but with a graphical interface, it would be easier for new users. I would like to see the Debian feature installed, without having it in a separate box.

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