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What needs improvement with Digital Guardian?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Digital Guardian.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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We're a distributor of the solution. I personally handle pre-sales. Some web upload actions need to be improved due to the fact that DG is a very strong technology on the endpoint. For the network DLP site, Digital Guardian also has a solution, however, this was acquired by Digital Guardian from another company. Therefore, it's not integrated with its endpoint DLP solution closely. We've just started using it, however, we have noticed it's not integrated very closely. If Digital Guardian can improve this network DLP site, it would be perfect for both the endpoint and also the gateway site. Some features on Mac and Linux are not complete currently. For example, some device control features haven't been transferred over to the other systems. If they could have their Windows features also available on Mac and Linux, that would be perfect. Some of our customers have a Mac environment for their RD environment. Having the solution fully capable of handling everything in a Mac environment is crucial.

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There are a lot of issues with the current version of the Endpoint agent. It's not stable, it's resource-consuming, and there are some performance issues. If they could improve the stability of the agent it would be great. They need to improve their product. If they keep just adding the features, it's not going to help them to sell the solution in the market. First of all, they need to improve their existing features, rather than onboarding new features.

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I would like to see the workflow, to get all the rules and policies set up, be less complicated. If you've been in the field and have the technical knowledge, it's fairly intuitive, but the hardest part is setting everything up and doing the validation for the other rules. I think the whole system needs improvement, even though it works fine the way they designed it. The problem comes when a tool is written by engineers for engineers, and not necessarily for someone who doesn't have that background. Someone like a high-level manager. Some clients find it hard to set up all of their PII types. The interface also has some limitations in terms of which browser you can use. For me, that's the biggest headache. For the version we use, you must use Windows Explorer. The background requires you to have a bigger insight into the business processes. It's not just a tool that you can simply drop in and expect to work because there is an impact on business operations. I would also love to see integration with cloud offerings, Like AWS, Azure, and GCP. And better browser support.

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The room for improvement with Digital Guardian is that it will be better with the Linux agent because it is the only DLP solution for Linux workstations. It still needs to upgrade the agents to the latest version for the Linux kernel. The vendor promised that in April they will have the universal agent for all operating systems, for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. We are waiting for this new universal agent. I think Digital Guardian needs to improve the universal agent. That would be really great. It would be good if Digital Guardian would have dictionaries from other languages inside of the solution, e.g., a Ukrainian language dictionary.

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