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What needs improvement with A10 Thunder TPS?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with A10 Thunder TPS.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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Ahmed Madibbo - PeerSpot reviewer
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It is very difficult to implement. It should be made a bit easier to implement. There is also a lack of resources on the internet. They need to develop more resources.

Tim Paulson - PeerSpot reviewer
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If there's one aspect of A10 that needs improvement it would be the training. All of their training is done online, at least in what we've been exposed to. I would like to have a classroom environment for training. I would like to say, "Okay, if we have three or four people who need to get trained up, we want to send them to a classroom." That way they're detached from their home office and have the lab facilities. They can have a classroom environment or experience instead of a virtual classroom. It would give them a chance to provision it. There's a better experience in a classroom than in a virtual classroom. It's not a terrible issue, but the training was the biggest thing that we faced. We're two years into this and we haven't done all the training probably needed to fully support it, because our deployment is very limited. But when we did want to pursue training, I believe that the training was all virtual.

SocManag35a5 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We currently do not use the solution's machine-learning-powered Zero-day Automated Protection because of an issue with it. We have a ticket open with the team to try to resolve that problem. That is one of the problems that we have today, something that is not working. We also use the aGalaxy platform, which is a management platform for the TPS devices. The issue is that some TPS features were added at the TPS level but weren't carried over to aGalaxy, and we manage all of our devices through aGalaxy. So we can't actually use some of the new features that are available on the TPS because that functionality doesn't exist in aGalaxy. That is one of my biggest complaints. We're somewhat the guinea pig for using both aGalaxy and TPS. There are some features that we would love to use, but unfortunately, because we're on aGalaxy, we don't have the ability to use them due to limitations of the devices. The A10 team just needs to work on making sure they have a release cadence so that the TPS and aGalaxy are in line with each other. A lot of the issues that we had previously with the devices were because a given functionality didn't exist and it took a while for the team to actually create that for us. But since they were implemented and the kinks were worked out, everything has been working pretty well.

Raphael Maunier - PeerSpot reviewer

The solution’s machine-learning-powered Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) works for enterprise customers, but for MSSPs, we have too much traffic and analytics. Therefore, it is unusable and A10 is working on a new feature that we requested. It should be ready in two weeks. We have to be able to do some automatic rules proposals based on what is detected. We use this product internally and this feature hasn't been ready for the last eighteen months. So, this was done on the side. We would prefer them to develop this feature and pay for it rather than having us do it. We need more 100 gig ports. Right now, there are a lot of 10 gig ports and we don't need them all. We really need are more ports between 10 gig and 100 gig, which isn't possible. The upgrade process for the boxes is not efficient. We have to go through the A10 aGalaxy where we have issues, like timeouts. They told me it was fixed in the latest version, but I tried to do it on the Portal and it is not working all the time. A10 needs to be more distributed across all their customers. This would allow them to have the ability to act quickly during an attack across their entire customer base. At the moment, there isn't a way to provide information (anonymously). This is something A10 will hopefully release Q1 next year. The documentation with the A10 really needs some improvement. They need to work on this, as it's hard to find all the information that you want. The Customer Portal is sometimes really buggy.

Jaffar Ali - PeerSpot reviewer

We are really trying to improve our sales module. When we need to see our exact payments and invoices we can track which payments and invoices are due so that we can make sure that all the invoices are done on time. I would like for them to develop an advanced reporting feature.

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