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What is your primary use case for SOTI MobiControl?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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2323 Answers

reviewer1563258 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

There are multi-purpose in which we are using SOTI MobiControl. We have barcode scanners and internet devices that are all running Windows. We have a lot of E-devices that we are using SOTI MobiControl for.

reviewer993246 - PeerSpot reviewer

We are a reseller as well as a user of this solution.

Chris Gross - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

SOTI is mainly used for managing mobile devices, like laptops, mobile barcode scanners, and mobile printers. It's used for security, OS updates, and monitoring.

reviewer1500147 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

We can use the solution for everything. We are compliant with everything - whether it's MDM, EMM, EUM, whether it's for managing applications, concepts, access, et cetera. SOTI Mobicontrol has a part of the answer for all of these requirements.

Nizar Benslimane - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

We are a solution provider, and we provide the SOTI solution for our customers. We have around 40,000 devices deployed on it. Normally, it is deployed on-cloud, but we also have some on-premises implementations. It is mainly used for supervising devices such as Android and Windows mobile devices. It is used for asset management and configuration management as well as for authorizing the use of specific software in a device.

reviewer1448358 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We manage approximately 200 devices that are used in inventory management. This includes RF guns, as well as small tablets where you can capture signatures.

Abbasi Poonawala - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5LeaderboardReal User

Our primary use case is to build patch management to use one particular tool. We can do auto patch updates using SOTI. SOTI has been well placed in terms of the number of endpoints it can handle.

Albert Haynes - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We primarily use the solution to support all of our mobile devices.

reviewer1406223 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

This solution is installed on all of our devices in the current work-from-home scenario.

JoBlogs - PeerSpot reviewer

To secure mobile devices.

ITAnalysdc34 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We use it for managing our mobile devices.

Directora3a3 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Originally, our primary use case was to manage Windows mobile devices, Intermec ruggedized devices, and now our primary use case is iPhones.

Susan Neuder - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We use it for tracking RF units. Across the whole network, we have about 1,000 devices.

CTO512c - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

The primary use is providing support to remote employees on mobile phones. We also use it to deploy software and updates to the phones.

SystemsA04e1 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We use it for MDM.

LeadApplaec5 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We use it for the management of our store mobile devices. We have 12,000-plus devices managed by SOTI. We actively deploy applications on a weekly basis, sometimes multiple times a week.

MobileIT403e - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We're a privately owned transportation company and our primary use is our driver-to-dispatch communications. We use devices, managed through SOTI, that allow our drivers to receive their work for the day. We're people movers - we're not parcel movers - so we can tell them where our pick-ups and drop-offs are located. Primarily we're using it for para-transit, for disabled and elderly transportation. People who qualify for certain subsidized programs are able to ride in our vehicles and get to and from everyday locations, like the grocery store or the hospital. We provide that service and our direct line of communication is through the devices that SOTI manages.

Nicholas Cardinal - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Our primary use case is version control. A secondary use case would be remote support.

reviewer946341 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We use it to track our iPads and for upgrading them with software upgrades.

Peter Kolbeck - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We're a mobile refueling company. We go out into construction sites where they have fleet trucks. We do about 650 million gallons of fuel a year, and we have about 180 fueling trucks in the Midwest, east of the Mississippi. We use the Zebra MC67 devices, with software that we've purchased to control the truck when it distributes fuel to a semi or a reefer trailer or a large earth-moving piece of equipment. We do deliver to trains. All the fuel delivered is real-time to the end customer. For us to manage that we have MobiControl, not only for setting them all up and connecting them, but also for managing and synchronizing files, and for our logistics center - which is the call center - to help the drivers change routes online in real-time. We remote into them and we make changes, or we make changes on our side and then we can watch what happens on the handheld. We walk through issues with the drivers, if they have issues on the handheld.

reviewer948468 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I'm using it with the handheld pocket devices from Motorola and Internic to provide remote support and employee packages. I also use it for tracking the devices.

Dir832 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

In Hong Kong, we are the distributor for the government sector. We implement it on premise and in the cloud.

Ramil Lopez - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We use it for mobile management of tablets and PDDs.

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