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What is your primary use case for ManageEngine Applications Manager?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We use the ManageEngine suite in many dimensions. We not only use it for application monitoring and troubleshooting; we also do our services through this suite. We manage services in general, and to provide our services, we use the ManageEngine suite. Depending on what a customer needs, we put different modules and applications. Sometimes, the customers buy the solution or software, and sometimes they buy just the services. We put the software as a service. The main product that we have here is for a banking client, and they have the latest version. Its version, however, varies based on the customer. In general, it is deployed on-premises, and our big customers require it in data centers. We hope to be in the cloud soon.

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We are using the latest version of ManageEngine Applications Manager. We recently updated it. We are monitoring the performance of the GMR service using the Application Manager. We can collect the JVM parameters and that helps us to analyze the heat memory without even going into the missions or the servers. We can also monitor what other processes are running and check which one is occupying more memory. And we can also set the alarms, automatic alarms like email alerts, if something crosses a threshold. We monitor 1200 users and 25 servers with the Applications Manager.

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Normally, the customer uses ManageEngine to monitor an application by inserting it into the IBM solution from the back-end to find out the root cause of any application problem. I use ManageEngine to test-compile my products. Sometimes I use it for the summary clips with CF quotas. My experience with ManageEngine is primarily with the application performance management side. I also use ManageEngine to research and compare CF quotas and then appraise them so I can propose to the customer which solution is suitable for their organization. For a small organization, I think ManageEngine is pretty nice, I think it's enough.

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We use this solution for application monitoring. We have an on-premises deployment model.

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