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Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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What is your primary use case for BiZZdesign?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

PeerSpot user
3 Answers
PeerSpot user
Sr Manager Enterprise Architect at CSL Behring
Real User
19 August 19

Our primary use case of this solution is for enterprise architecture diagrams. We are working with ArchiMate and we have several hundred diagrams for specific purposes, like current state architecture, future state architecture, capability maps, and road maps.

Owner at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
Real User
08 August 19

Our primary use for this solution was architecture modeling and ArchiMate. We have now switched and are no longer using this solution. It was deployed on-premises.

Owner at a consultancy with 1-10 employees
Real User
05 August 19

My primary use cases are for consulting on enterprise architecture and support of digital transformation, and I also use BiZZdesign as a tool.

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Julia Frohwein - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Director of Delivery at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Jan 31, 2022
Hi, We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information. Please share what you can so you can help your peers.
2 out of 3 answers
Olga Lucia Salgado - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Enterprise Architect at a manufacturing company with 201-500 employees
21 April 21
There are no costs in addition to their standard licensing fees.
Bijoy Talukder - PeerSpot reviewer
Enterprise Architect at American Century Investments
30 August 21
I haven't found any issues with the scalability and licensing parts that are access-related.
PeerSpot user
TL at Accenture in India
Sep 01, 2022
What is the difference between Sparx system tools , ARIS and IBM Blueworks?
2 out of 10 answers
02 October 17
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architecture is a comprehensive all-in-one modelling tool. With ARIS, you need to buy different licences for Business Process and UML modelling. SSEA is a very extensive (and budget friendly) modelling tool. Includes notations like Archimate, BPMN, UML. If you are only interested in modelling Business Processes, use ARIS or IBM Blueworks. If you are looking for a SDLC type modelling tool, please use SSEA . I have no experience on IBM Blueworks.
it_user681486 - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner with 11-50 employees
02 October 17
Hi I can only tell you the differences between SAP powerdesigner and Enterprise Architect Best Regards Wim Snoek
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