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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for WorkFusion?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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1313 Answers

reviewer1827795 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

The pricing is high. They should have a better pricing structure. It was not easy for me to try out WorkFusion initially. For example, if I am working on SAP, the licensing may be very expensive. Though, it is fine to use it at scale and pay for the license. We have an enterprise license now, so we are not worried anymore. We are fine with it. As a first-time customer who wants to engage with WorkFusion, not working for my company, then I would want to do a PoC. The cost is prohibitive because they will ask me to get infrastructure with six or seven servers. Then, you must buy a WorkFusion license to do a PoC, which is expensive. I would then have to set up a team to build the PoC and see the benefits. That is very prohibitive.

Lada Chu - PeerSpot reviewer
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The solution was not the cheapest, but it was also not the most expensive. Workfusion was very open to negotiating pricing and to working within the objectives of our firm.

reviewer1774266 - PeerSpot reviewer
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The price for WorkFusion is quite fair. It isn't the cheapest solution in the market, but it's very close. We had a bad experience when we chose a cheaper provider for a different POC who failed to meet our expectations. That could also be our fault. Other providers will charge you more for the same amount of work.

Samuel Kamau - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5LeaderboardReal User

My client is using RPA Express, which is available for them to use free of charge. Their parent company is in another country, so they're not paying for anything locally. The Studio comes standard and is available at no charge but the Control Tower requires a license. The orchestration platform, where you manage your bots and users, is also available with a separate license. As a developer, you cannot download the developer studio for free unless you are working for your clients.

Sreekantha Devayya Nayak - PeerSpot reviewer
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WorkFusion's price could stand to be a little lower.

reviewer1532124 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We are on an annual contract to use the solution.

reviewer1426251 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I can't speak to pricing. It's a contract signed by upper management.

reviewer1387212 - PeerSpot reviewer
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WorkFusion is cheaper than quite a few of the potential solutions, but we have also heard some complaints that it is a more expensive solution than others. It is certainly not the cheapest solution. I think Help Automate came in as quite a bit less expensive. Obviously, we have to have an enterprise solution with a company of our size and there is an opportunity to negotiate to potentially work out a volume discount. That would make the cost less significant in the choice of what we continue to use. As far as I know, all other services are included in the license as a single point of pay without any additional fees.

reviewer1373997 - PeerSpot reviewer
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These is primary drivers that will determine the selection of a solution as there are currently huge pressures on overheads given the decrease in revenue following Covid-19.

Arunmani Subramanian - PeerSpot reviewer
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This is an expensive solution. They have a very expensive license compared to any other automation tool. For instance, at $50,000 - $60,000, you can bring in an Automation Anywhere solution. For this solution, you need at least $250,000 to get something going. That's three or four times expensive. They do have a "free" version, but it's not good. They should have an intermediate version that's int he ballpark of $100,000. Mid-tier pricing is needed.

Ranjan-Prasad - PeerSpot reviewer
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We have a user based license, so there are different charges for each user.

reviewer824844 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Pricing models are available online. Some vendors provide a free entry level solution to get you started.

reviewer1098837 - PeerSpot reviewer
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The licensing and pricing isn't ideal for clients. Sometimes they don't want to invest the money. The solution should consider improving the licensing model.

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