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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Dell PowerConnect Switches?

Julia Frohwein - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Director of Delivery at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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1010 Answers

Hasan Haseeb - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5LeaderboardReseller

Dell PowerConnect switches are cheaper than Cisco switches. Cisco's higher capacity switches (100 or 200 gigs) are super-expensive. With the higher capacity, the price of the switches and the price of the architecture go high. Dell is cheaper and modular. So, I don't need to invest 100% upfront. I can invest as I progress. That is an option because the chassis will not be populated with all the pluggables. I have a choice because it is modular. I can go for 25 gigs today, and after four months, I can go for 100 gigs, and after that, I can go for 200 gigs. I have a choice when it is not a fixed switch.

Rodrigo Pavao - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Reseller

It's a simple product and easy and low-cost to buy.

Adli Hajarat - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

If you want to purchase a new Dell PowerConnect Switch, you will pay up to $1,600, but I bought them used. I bought the four Dell PowerConnect Switches that I used for $1,000. If you consider the density of the switch, which has 48 ports with Power over Ethernet, the overall cost is low.

Cesar Reza - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Reseller

Good product, low cost (cheaper than Cisco) and I'd avoid DNA Cisco.

reviewer998499 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 10Real User

This product is fairly cheap compared to its competitors, and there are no additional costs.

Alfredo Najera - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

Its price is okay. Sometimes, it is lower than a Cisco solution.

reviewer1238874 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Reseller

The price of these switches is okay.

reviewer867627 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

There are no additional costs other than purchasing the solution which is quite reasonably priced.

Benjamin Ighagbon - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

This solution is much cheaper than comparable products by Cisco.

Cezary Majewski - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Dell costs less than Cisco. Cisco, in comparison, is about four times more expensive.

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