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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Awake Security Platform?


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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I got a deal when I bought Awake. It's if you go to buy a car and end up ripping off the dealer. I don't think many customers got the same deal. Darktrace is way too expensive, and so Awake is more price competitive. I think they'll be able to take a lot of clients from Darktrace because it costs a lot of money. All of these vendors push for four-year agreements and offer discounts for that. Darktrace told me that they only do four-year contracts, but I said I wouldn't be a customer if those were the terms. Instead, I got a four-year agreement with a 12-month opt-out. It's still a four-year agreement, but I could opt out after 12 months with a 90-day notice. So to me, it's a one-year agreement. I was able to get that with Darktrace because they wanted me as a customer. Because I represent a hedge fund, I have some leverage. I told them that they had to meet my conditions if they wanted me as a client. It was the same way with Awake. They wanted an initial four-year agreement. Initially, we signed on for a one-year contract, but they wanted the four-year deal when it came time for the renewal. I told them that I was not doing that. I said that they either had to do it on my terms, or I'd go somewhere else. I don't want to, but I'll go. We were able to keep the same conditions that I had, and working with them was pretty easy. I didn't have to jump through many hoops to get what I wanted. I was one of their first clients in the alternative investment space, and I've been a big supporter of what they were doing even before Arista bought them. I was worried when Arista bought them. When a conglomerate company bought this unicorn, I was afraid they would turn it into garbage. Thankfully, I haven't seen that. The platform is improving, and the development continues. They're doing many exciting improvements that were on the roadmap when I first signed on. I can't disclose some of these improvements, but seeing what's coming down the pipeline is exciting. And like I said, I was fearful of Arista. Now I'm thankful that Arista pumped money into it and kept the team together, did not break them, that they're integrating them to their support model, and the teams will become bigger. And obviously, the interaction with the Arista products will become even larger because they're an Arista company, and they want to apply that to their Arista products. My other big concern was that once Awake was acquired by Arista, they would have no interest in integrating with Palo Alto and Cisco because they are competitors. The sales rep told me, "No, that's incorrect. We still want to integrate with them. However, we understand customers are always going to have a choice, and not everyone chooses Arista for networking." I don't think Arista even does firewalls, so they put me at ease.

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Awake's pricing was very competitive. It's not a cheap option though. It's an investment to utilize it, but it's one that we decided was worth the cost, with the managed services. At our scale, it was a much better option to utilize their software and their managed services to handle this, rather than hiring another person to be an analyst. It was quite cost-effective for us. While it wasn't cheap, it was at a good price point for the services and capabilities they offer. In addition to the standard fees, we have an incident retainer. If there is an incident and we need to hire their services to manage it and resolve it, we have a retainer on hand with them for that.

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The pricing seems pretty reasonable for what we get out of it. We also found it to be more competitive than some other vendors that we've looked at. We paid for the appliances and for the MNDR and the pricing was fairly comprehensive. There wasn't any nickel and diming.

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The pricing and licensing are competitive. Awake Security was the least expensive among their competitors. Everyone was within $15,000 of each other. The other solutions were not providing the MNDR service, which is standard with Awake Security's pricing/licensing model. When we pivot to the cloud, in order to capture that data, the additional cost is minimal or non-existent.

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I signed a three-year deal as it was most cost effective for my firm - with no doubt in my mind we will see ROI in year one. I am hoping to involve them in a managed network detection and response relationship as well, which is another one of their offerings. There are no additional costs. The product does what it says that it will do.

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The pricing model is an annual subscription. There are no costs in addition to the standard licensing fees.

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