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What is the difference in license models of these Oracle products: OCI APM and OEM APM?

Hi peers,

I work as the Head and Enterprise Architect of IaaS & PaaS and I'd like to understand what is the difference in the licensing model of OCI APM vs OEM APM.

Please assist.

Thanks for the help!

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Mar 22, 2022

Simple TLDR: 

OEM APM is a single per instance license plus annual maintenance. 

OCI-based APM would require a standard Oracle Management Cloud license, which includes a simpler version of APM but you have to pay for the container hosting, bandwidth usage for any off-cloud data transfers, storage used for log analytics and the licenses don’t transfer to on-premise versions, but you may receive a small credit for unused annual maintenance.

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Mar 31, 2022

Hi @Chris Bradham, @Prerak Trivedi, @Kopano Ramaphoi and @Robin Saikat Chatterjee,

Possibly, you can assist @Saroj Dash ​with this question. Can you?

Thanks for the help!

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