What do you like most about OP5 Monitor?

Julia Miller - PeerSpot reviewer
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Apr 12, 2023

With limited hardware or a virtual machine, you can address a huge network, hundreds of thousands of elements that need to be monitored. Other commercial software is not on that level.

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Harish Venkateshappa - PeerSpot reviewer
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Feb 14, 2023

OP5 Monitor is a great choice due to its being built on an open-source monitoring tool and provides ample opportunity for customization based on specific support requirements. It is also user-friendly and easy to manage with a wide range of plugins available for use. In comparison to other enterprise tools, such as Micro Focus, OP5 Monitor stands out for its features and cost-effectiveness, making it the best tool in the market. Customization is one of the key strengths of the tool and provides a lot of capabilities. Additionally, it is easy to find support and plugins for the tool through online resources.

Sumanth Arshanapally - PeerSpot reviewer
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Nov 3, 2022

We can also observe whatever we want, and there are no limitations.

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Apr 7, 2022

The best feature is that it is very relatable, stable, and scalable. The logger is a part of the software, but it's not the most important point of it.

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Oct 21, 2020

The API makes it pretty easy to integrate with any system.

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May 5, 2020

It monitors and continuously tests everything that is of importance to you and your users. It could be everything from monitoring disk space to CPU usage to memory. It could include determining if the response time in your e-commerce platform is quick enough, or whether you have too many bounces from some of the pages on your website. You want to monitor anything that could cost you money or time or resources. You can do that with this system. It's very flexible.

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