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Microsoft SharePoint vs Internal Wiki - Pros and Cons of Either?

In a large organization, every unit or division wants the best solution, or product that's going to solve all their needs regarding collaboration for SOP's, directives, best practices, updates, etc. and they want it to be easy, efficient AND compliant - a one-stop-shop. 

Why would an organization use or migrate to Microsoft SharePoint rather than a Wiki – what are the pros and cons for using either? 

I was actually surprised at the number of users who were totally FOR the corporate wiki... resistance to change is a given...

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I believe that for an environment administrator, using a solution of this size such as SharePoint is more comfortable, you often already have email (O365) and other products. Therefore this benefit is already acquired, you can add functions, and centralize all management in one dashboard.

Migrating only a specific function without having the whole package, for example hiring a SharePoint site and user licensing just to change the technology, I believe it is a high investment.

As for the use of documentation tools, whatever it is, I used numerous, I like the wiki model. What it can do and bring the wiki to SharePoint as an integration method, get everyone used to changing technology, and adding new functions.

Undoubtedly, the traditional model (application, database) installed on a server allows you to customize and create something very specific, this in case of the decision can be a point not to migrate.

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Hello @Toby Ward​, @Cesar Danecke, @Cecil Rupp ​and @Eric Wyatt,

Can you please share your experience with @Sheila Doyle


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