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IBM Tivoli Access Manager vs CA SSO

I would like to receive the pros and cons about IBM Tivoli Access Manager (IBM Security Access Manager and CA SSO (CA SiteMinder).

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Apr 30, 2018

I have been in the industry both as a buyer of these products and now I am on the vendor side.
I have noticed that most of the folks answering are, like politicians, answering a different, and unasked question without addressing your question. I will do my best to answer the question you asked. Out of the gate and to the best of my knowledge IBM TAM is going end of life and has been
renamed to ISAM. It consists of two primary components A user registry, and an authorization service consisting of an authorization database and an authorization engine that performs the decision-making action on the request. Tivoli Access Manager is not a single product but rather a family of products that use the same core authorization and authentication engine.

Past similarities notwithstanding CA SSO has come a long way and CA has shifted left as has their product stack. CA SSO is • Industry leader. Consistently recognized as an industry leading solution by independent market research organizations, and proven in some of the most demanding environments in financial, telecommunications, and government organizations.
Flexible architecture. Supports five different deployment architectures that can be used jointly or
independently to meet varying business needs. These architectures include: agent and gateway-based policy enforcement points, open federation standards, format flexible cookie, and REST and SOAP-based web services.Interoperability. Provides validated integration and SSO across hundreds of applications on a broad range of platforms, including app servers, collaboration environments, cloud apps, ERP apps, mobile devices and web servers. Enhanced session assurance. Prevents hackers from hijacking legitimate sessions with stolen cookies through CA's patented DeviceDNA™ device validation process. Hybrid cloud. Integrates with CA Identity Service to enable seamless access across cloud and on premises applications optionally launched via a simple to use integrated UI. Out of the Box Integration – the solution is tested against more than 450 different third-party product combinations to ensure the widest platform support in the market.

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The performance could be better. The support could be faster. Sometimes when your customer has a legacy application and they want to make a single sign-on, you cannot do it with SiteMinder. The solution doesn't support client-based Java. You do need to be pretty comfortable with the product in order to use it. The product needs to invest in enhancements. They are not innovating anything lately. The competition is beginning to pull ahead of them and they are getting left behind. The cost of the product is a bit high.
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I'm looking for Siteminder identity platform pricing for users in saml athenticationb. What kind of Siteminder account support is there for this feature?
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