What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Microsoft Azure API Management?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
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SooryanarayanHegde - PeerSpot reviewer
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May 12, 2023

The solution is highly expensive. Our customers worry about the costs. The price should be a lot less. We are using the premium license. I rate the price of Microsoft Azure API Management a seven out of ten.

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Steve Cleynen - PeerSpot reviewer
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May 11, 2023

There are different tiers for pricing. You can even use the free version.

SHANMUGASUNDARAM S - PeerSpot reviewer
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Apr 19, 2023

Compared to Apigee, which is a one-time cost for on-prem, this solution is cloud-specific and a managed service. So cost-wise, it's comparatively expensive. I would rate it eight out of ten, where one is low and ten is high. Moreover, there are additional costs to the standard licensing fees. We have to purchase four to five managed services around API to use it. For example, we use the express route and key vault, and we have to purchase those features along with API.

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Mar 9, 2023

The pricing is reasonable. I'd rate the cost in terms of affordability seven out of ten. The premium tier is too expensive for medium-sized organizations. However, the local IP only is offered at the premium tier.

David Viana - PeerSpot reviewer
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Feb 17, 2023

The price is comparable. In my opinion, it is similar to Apigee.

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Dec 15, 2022

We are using a basic tier. For the things we do, it's reasonable in terms of cost. You can implement it in the developer solutions. That's basically more or less free. But if you implement VNET in it there, you can only upgrade it if you use premium, and premium is so expensive. That's just no fun. That was a little bit annoying since you think you have a good solution in your development environment, and then you are in production and need a premium tier to have the same configuration. We had to reconfigure some stuff.

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Luís Silva - PeerSpot reviewer
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Nov 18, 2022

The licensing cost for Microsoft Azure API Management is publicly available and goes from a developer edition that costs $26 to $30 per month. It may have changed, but it's in the neighborhood of $30 per month. I believe there's also the enterprise edition, which is highly capable and costs $2,500 per month. If you want to use Microsoft Azure API Management, there are no additional fees. Still, of course, within an enterprise environment, you don't use just Microsoft Azure API Management because you need networking or virtual networks. Still, that comes with the territory because if you want to develop solutions in Azure, you need to buy services, servers, networks, etc. Regarding the usage per se of Microsoft Azure API Management, you don't need to pay anything else. You pay for it if you need it and then have to configure it within the Azure environment. Aside from the standard licensing cost, there are no hidden costs from Microsoft Azure API Management. Pricing for the solution is competitive, so I'd rate it as six out of ten. If the scale is one to five, it's a three because it's the market average.

Real User
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Sep 26, 2022

We are paying standard fees to use Microsoft Azure API Management.

Cxa Asda - PeerSpot reviewer
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Aug 4, 2022

I've been using the conception tier. If you choose the lower-end tiers, it'll be fine, cost-wise. However, those tiers are just for development purposes; they're not really for the production environment. I would suspect if you move onto the higher tiers, it'll be pretty pricey.

Kai Boon Giam - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jul 18, 2022

We are a Microsoft-managed partner, so we do have some pricing from the distributor. The licensing is dynamic as it is based on cloud usage.

SaurabhKumar2 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 26, 2022

Because of our partner relationship, our pricing is pretty decent. But in general, if I compare pricing, I think the initial offer that we got from Microsoft until the relationship kicked in was more expensive than AWS. There were some unexpected expenses because we had to pause. This was due to our inexperience and because we were doing this significant public cloud migration for the first time. We were using SAP on a public cloud for the first time.

Hocine Zaidi - PeerSpot reviewer
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May 17, 2022

There are no additional costs above the main license.

Tom Hendrix - PeerSpot reviewer
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Apr 6, 2022

Azure's pricing is very competitive compared to platforms like Apigee and MuleSoft. However, when you start with Azure API management, you also need to onboard the Azure console and the Azure cloud environment, which comes with a price.

Real User
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Mar 31, 2022

I'm just a developer, so I didn't really get involved in the pricing. Therefore, I can't speak to the exact costs of the agreements involved in terms of licensing. That said, I do know that we used the developer license just to try things out. My understanding is that the premium version is quite expensive.

Real User
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Feb 8, 2022

We pay for a yearly license.

Prabakaran SP - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jan 19, 2022

Since everyone is isocentric here, it is reasonable for me. Rather than getting complicated with other licensing, and other products' licensing. There are many, many different types of licensing available in other products, such as perpetual for ten users. If you want more than ten users, you'll have to pay a higher license fee. As a result, we are not falling into those kinds of traps. Previously, we had to pay as you go.

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Sep 10, 2021

The price of the solution is reasonable compared to others.

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Sep 6, 2021

The licensing fees are expensive. I would like it to be cheaper. Our licensing fees are paid on a monthly basis.

Jun 1, 2021

Since this is a cloud-based solution you have to abide by those financial limits, this creates some different challenges compared to other solutions.

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May 21, 2021

We are limited to what choice of solution we can purchase. There are multiple aspects here. If it is a choice that we have to make, then we do it based on the requirement or recommendations, such as GCP, AWS, or Azure platform. However, given the present circumstances, the customer base that I am supporting at the moment is all Microsoft shop customers. Their inclination is always towards Microsoft-based solutions. That is where it has left us with no choice, but to go with Azure. While we still recommend this solution in some cases, for instance, analytics and where we need the big data solutions. We have been pushing for a GCP and in some cases to have AWS as well. For now Azure is the platform and this has been the journey that has left us with no choice but to go with it. Based on the resources that we are leveraging, the price we are paying to use this solution is slightly higher than other competitors. In a few cases, it has its own advantage in some resources.

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Apr 6, 2021

The cost of the solution is very fair. It's not overly expensive. It offers very good value.

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Nov 10, 2020

It's my understanding that the licensing is very clear. However, I'm not involved in it in any way, and therefore, I'm not sure what the cost structure is.

Real User
Oct 11, 2020

The solution has a kind of calculator and it's not always straightforward to figure out the logic in pricing. There are lots of services that are managed in different ways. For a non-technical person, it's a nightmare to figure everything out. At the end of the day, you have to build approximate pricing for the solution. According to my experiences in multiple projects, you do get preliminary pricing that is close to or the same as the estimate.

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Jul 28, 2020

The price could be lower.

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Jul 26, 2020

Licensing is the tricky part. For Azure, if you have your Azure subscription, the API Management is a free tool. There's no extra cost for that.

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Mar 9, 2020

The pricing of the product is reasonable. It was one of the selling points for us when we were looking for a solution for our company.

Real User
Mar 9, 2020

It's being paid monthly. It is comparable and falls in the mid range in the competitive landscape.

it_user1221840 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jan 12, 2020

Understand the different Tiers (from small to large including VNet-integrated express route) Start small and be aware that the developer version has all features enabled which also requires the highest possible Tier.

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