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Can PRTG be used to monitor Oracle SOA suite components or should we choose Nagios instead?

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Sr Systems Administrator at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees

We are looking for a monitoring solution. One option is Nagios where there are custom plugins available to monitoring Weblogic health & Oracle SOA suite components.

Can you please let me know your valuable input as to whether PRTG can be used to monitor Oracle SOA infrastructure? 

Some metrics we are looking for are:

  • Weblogic / SOA server health
  • JDBC datasource health / connection count
  • JMS health / pending message count
  • Stuck thread alerts
  • SOA composite health
  • Application related errors
  • Faulted instances
  • Other typical monitoring of Middleware environment
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PRTG is quite basic for this type of application monitoring, it'll give you some general metrics but what you're asking for is better done with Nagios, though its architecture and the information it provides won't give you the best metrics either. In this case your safest bet would be Zabbix, although both Nagios and Zabbix will steal a lot of your time until you can tune them to the detail level you're expecting, since neither count on "professional" plugins like the one ZenOSS can give you, but of course that's gonna cost a hole in your company's wallet.

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I have been given a project at work to compare PRTG and observer , is the any one with that kind of information , I need to prepare the document in a weeks time for system users . can you please assist if you have any kind of information .


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I've no experience with PRTG, but you can find that on their site:

I used to practice some time ago Nagios, on Linux boxes with web Logic, and
it adapted well to our needs.

I'm no longer experimenting with supervision tools as i switched to backup and


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PRTG is a network monitoring tool that uses SNMP protocol. You can configure weblogic server to use SNMP protocol to communicate with PRTG using agents.

The same thing for Oracle ESB, by enabling SNMP traps in the Oracle Servcie bus.

I think your business requirement as well as budget, will determine which
monitoring tool you can use.

I think all network monitoring tools, using SNMP traps, can do the job. Any SW or applications can build an SNMP traps to communicate with the monitoring tool.

You can consult Oracle's manuals for more details.

I hope this will be helpful.
All the best,

Ashraf Galal

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