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What is TaskUs?

TaskUs Customer Experience through MultiChannels & Services that includes:

  • Customer Service - Organizations work hard to win customers, but in today's competitive, on-demand world, these businesses must work even harder to keep them. Consumer expectations for quality customer experience continue to rise with little room for error.
  • Sales - One of the biggest drivers of growth stems from sales. To help clients' selling efforts remain focused by providing exceptional sales support from customer saves to proactive upselling and cross-selling.
  • Technical Support - With the digital age and the rapid growth of revolutionary technology, the need for technical support has risen as well, offering four tiers of technical support that can handle even some of the most challenging assignments.
  • Billing - When it comes to a business's finances, TaskUs understands the importance of accuracy when managing such sensitive information. Whether a company operates under a subscription-based or traditional e-commerce model, the solution support all steps of the billing process.
  • Outbound Support - When it comes to support, most people think of handling inbound issues, but proactive, outbound support can be a great way to delight customers. Outbound customer support and outbound sales are just two ways in which we can help take your offering to the next level.
TaskUs Customers

42Floors Inc., iCracked, Thumbtack, BetterDoctor, Tinder, NextBigSound, Autodesk

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