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What is Quest On Demand Recovery?

Complete Active Directory (AD) backup and recovery are essential for every organization today. Unfortunately, a solid on-premises disaster recovery plan alone, while still necessary, is not sufficient because so many organizations are making greater use of cloud-only attributes, Office 365 groups, Azure AD groups, Azure B2B/B2C accounts and other features of the hybrid AD environment to improve user experience. So what can you do?

With On Demand Recovery, you can quickly, securely back up and recover Azure AD and Office 365 to eliminate downtime as well as negative impact to end users. Run difference reports that compare your backups with live Azure AD to identify cloud-only users or attributes and pinpoint specific changes or deletions.

On Demand Recovery enables you to granularly search and restore exactly what you need — even individual attributes — or recover multiple users, groups and group memberships in bulk without requiring PowerShell scripting so you can mitigate the risk of data loss from human error and save valuable time and resource.

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