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What is Quest IT Security Search?

Seeing the un-seeable can be a challenge for IT. With billions of events to collect and review from a variety of sources, both on premises and in the cloud, it’s difficult to find relevant data and make sense of it. And in the event of a security breach, either internal or external, the ability to locate where the breach originated and what was accessed can make a world of difference.

IT Security Search is a Google-like, IT search engine that enables IT administrators and security teams to quickly respond to security incidents and analyze event forensics. The tool’s web-based interface correlates disparate IT data from many Quest security and compliance solutions into a single console and makes it easier than ever to:

-Reduce the complexity of searching, analyzing and maintaining critical IT data scattered across information silos

-Speed security investigations and compliance audits with complete real-time visibility

-Troubleshoot widespread issues should an outage or security breach occur

-Configure role-based access, enabling auditors, help desk staff, IT managers and other stakeholders to get exactly the reports they need and nothing more

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