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What is Magnolia CMS?

Magnolia is one of the oldest and most popular digital experience platforms, delivering high-quality services for customers looking for established CMS solutions. Having started out as an open-source content management system, today Magnolia provides digital experience for some of the largest companies in the world. This DXP is Java-based and uses a JCR repository to store, search, and restore data. Organizations that employ IT specialists with expert Java knowledge can benefit from the services of Magnolia, but the company also provides education for beginners. Through the Magnolia education program, business owners who are inexperienced in Java or other technologies can learn the concepts of the CMS and use it to benefit the digital experience of their company.

The main industries that benefit from the services of Magnolia include retail and e-commerce, finance, travel, and media. According to Magnolia, companies from these industries benefit from increased revenues and improved customer service. Through the various services and features of Magnolia, an organization can build and establish a digital experience that can popularize the company online and expand the existing client list.

Magnolia CMS Features

The features of Magnolia CMS allow you to create a personalized multi-channel digital experience while managing all content in one place. Magnolia divides its features into four main categories:

  • Creation: Even though Magnolia provides companies with powerful tools, the interface remains relatively simple to use. This means that different businesses can benefit from the ability to create content that is specially catered to their users' digital experience. The features in this category include what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing, single-page app (SPA) editing, optimized content authoring, content reuse, an option for multichannel preview, microsites and landing pages, omnichannel campaigns, and forms and marketing automation.

  • Management: The management features that Magnolia provides allow companies to access and manage their content, apps, and data in a single place. This is one of the biggest benefits of Magnolia: easy access to data. The features in this category include multi-source content, a unified user experience, AI federated search, automatic text classification and image recognition, multi-site management, automatic translation, concurrent editing, visual version compare, and custom workflows.

  • Delivery: Through features like the headless accelerator, Magnolia for eCommerce, SPAs/PWAs, Jamstack/Static Site Generation, digital signage, hybrid headless, and VR, AR & MR, Magnolia CMS helps companies deliver digital experience across all possible channels. Using a single interface for the delivery of personalized content allows organizations to save time while providing users with content that satisfies their individual needs.

  • Optimization: This category of features allows organizations that use Magnolia to learn from data about their performance and potentially improve it. Through personalization, A/B/n testing, analytics and insights, and SEO, Magnolia helps its users improve the digital experience they provide by discovering their weak spots and, based on insights, working to fix any issues.

Magnolia CMS Benefits

Magnolia CMS offers various benefits, including:

  • Educational resources
  • Easy personalization of web apps
  • Suitable for both small as well as larger companies and their clients
  • Free trial available
Magnolia CMS Customers, Migros, MOO, Al Arabiya, Alior Bank, Atlassian, Avis

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