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What is LRS Dynamic Report System?

The Dynamic Report System (DRS) provides an effective means of routing reports from batch jobs, online applications (i.e., CICS, IMS, IDMS, etc.), Local Area Networks, and remote TCP/IP hosts to the JES spool, to a DASD file on the MVS host system, or to a UNIX HFS file.

The reports are standard SYSOUT, DASD, or HFS datasets. They can be fixed, variable, or undefined format, blocked or unblocked. They can have ASA, machine, or no carriage control. SYSOUT datasets can have standard JES dataset attributes, such as class, destination, form name, writer name, FCB, UCS, hold/nohold, copies, etc.

In addition, AFP attributes (e.g., PAGEDEF, FORMDEF, etc.) can be assigned to the SYSOUT reports by referencing OUTPUT JCL statements.

LRS Dynamic Report System was previously known as Dynamic Report System.

LRS Dynamic Report System Customers

Carilion Clinic, Memorial Hermann Healthcare, Wishard Health Services, TROY Group, North Broward Hospital District, Miele, BMW, KKH Insurance, RZ Verden, Capita PLC, RI Solution GmbH, Edward-Elmhurst Hospital, Mother Frances Hospital, Singapore Exchange Limited, Lennox International

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