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What is Junos Address Aware?

Junos Address Aware is a licensed application for MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers that helps network operators mitigate IPv4 address depletion, ensure IPv4 and IPv6 coexistence, and pragmatically transition to IPv6 in a nondisruptive and low-risk manner.

Running on high-performance service cards, Junos Address Aware provides carrier-scale address translation without impacting routing or forwarding functions. The solution includes Network Address Translation (NAT), carrier-grade NAT, and IPv6 transition technologies such as IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, NAT44, NAPT44, NAT-PT, NAT64, 6to4-PMT, 6rd, and DS-lite, all supported by a single license. Additionally, Junos Address Aware utilizes extensive application-level gateways (ALGs) to protect widely used applications that are incompatible with NAT.

Importantly, Junos Address Aware helps protect current IPv4 revenue streams as you adopt IPv6, and is operationally proven in hundreds of the largest service provider networks worldwide

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