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What is GigaSMART SSL TLS Decryption?

To protect vital data, businesses and other organizations implement Transport Layer Security (TLS), commonly referred to as the superseded Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to encrypt data as it is exchanged over IP networks. SSL/TLS creates a secure channel between users’ computers or other devices as they exchange information over the internet.

TLS is an industry standard based on a system of trusted certificates issued by certificate authorities and recognized by servers. SSL was replaced by the TLS standard in 2015.

While protecting data, encryption also blinds security and application monitoring tools. The decryption of SSL/TLS traffic is crucial for these tools. However, it is extremely computationally intensive and can introduce network latency.

The best architecture minimizes the decryption required to inspect all relevant traffic while offering legal and privacy controls. The centralized approach offered by Gigamon, decrypt once and feed all tools, provides such an architecture.

GigaSMART SSL TLS Decryption was previously known as GigaSMART SSL/TLS Decryption, GigaSMART SSL Decryption.

GigaSMART SSL TLS Decryption Customers
BlackHat, FireEye, Under Armour, Clemson University, Mimecast
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