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What is Eggplant Network?
eggPlant Network is a powerful network emulator which makes it easy to test your mobile, browser, or client-server application under different network conditions. Ensure your application delivers excellent user experience, functions correctly, and takes full advantage of available resources when users are connected via 3G, over a trans-Atlantic WAN, on a fast local LAN, via congested 2.5G, or driving through tunnels and losing connectivity for 15 seconds at a time. No networking knowledge is required; just tell eggPlant Network where the client is (e.g. New York), where the server is (e.g. San Francisco), the type of network (e.g. 3G), and how good the connection is (e.g. ‘bad’), and it will set up an accurate emulation.

Eggplant Network was previously known as TestPlant eggPlant Network.

Eggplant Network Customers
Cisco, DMG Media, Nikon
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