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What is Cytelligence Cyber Awareness Training?

When a CEO is confronted with a cyber-attack or data breach, they start to worry about their vulnerabilities in the technology they use and forget to look at the very people using those technologies everyday – their employees.

Since serious threats to personal data are high at all time. Individuals and businesses of all sizes need to remain diligent in protecting themselves from hackers and data breaches. Across the world, hackers are taking control of networks, locking away files and demanding sizable ransoms to return data to the rightful owner. From phishing attacks to ransomware and advanced persistent threats attacks, these days it is not a case of if companies get breached, but more of when. The best way for business directors, CEOs and managers to combat this threat is to create a risk-aware workplace culture, and that starts with cyber security awareness.

When you strive to create a risk aware culture within the workplace, you’re preventing your employees from becoming unknowingly complicit in cyber-crime activity.

Cytelligence Cyber Awareness Training Customers

Bombardier, Fasken Martineau, Ontario

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