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As of July 2024, in the Data Warehouse category, the mindshare of Snowflake is 15.2%, down from 18.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of TIBCO Live Datamart is 0.9%, up from 0.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Featured Reviews

Feb 3, 2023
SQL-driven and suitable for massive compute, but has REST API limitations and doesn't support extensive writebacks
We're using it more for data warehousing and distribution. Snowflake is a SaaS platform, so I'm using whatever is the latest version It's definitely for compute. The best use case of Snowflake is massive compute. With the parallel reads that we can do from Snowflake, we can combine data from…
Muzaffer Yöntem - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 9, 2022
Easily create rules or calculations and use adapters to collect worldwide market data
The solution is a combination product that sits on top of StreamBase and Spotfire. It originated in America and the markets there and in Europe are more mature. Turkey is still having a hard time industrializing these kind of products. If the product is understood well enough, it will be…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The most efficient way for real-time dashboards or analytical business intelligence reports to be sent to the customer."
"The most valuable features are the clustering, LS50, being able to change the size, the pay per use feature, the flexibility with many different sources and analytic applications."
"Working with Parquet files is support out of the box and it makes large dataset processing much easier."
"Time travel is one feature that really helps us out."
"Snowflake has three great features: Snowpiping is proving to be very valuable, Time Travel is excellent, and Snowpipes are another great functionality the solution has made available."
"The feature that is really striking is the ability to translate the SQL workloads into the NoSQL version that can be used by Snowflake."
"Great scalability and near zero maintenance."
"The tool's performance is good. I think it's the best in the game right now. It usually charges per query. For example, if you run a SQL query on Snowflake with the same number of data records, it would take less than half the time compared to running it on Microsoft. It has good documentation. You can pick up Snowflake if you have previous knowledge of SQL."
"The solution has a powerful aggregating feature"
"You can create your own rules that include mathematic calculations."


"Its transaction application needs improvement."
"The solution could use a little bit more UI."
"Portability is a big hurdle right now for our clients. Porting all of your existing SQL ecosystem, such as stored procedures, to Snowflake is a major pain point. Currently, Snowflake stored procedures use JavaScript, but they should support SQL-based stored procedures. It would be a huge advantage if you can write your stored procedures using SQL. It seems that they are working on this feature, and they are yet to release it. I remember seeing some notes saying that they were going to do that in the future, but the sooner this feature comes out, it would be better for Snowflake because there are a lot of clients with whom I'm interacting, and their main hurdle is to take their existing Oracle or SQL Server stored procedures and move them into Snowflake. For this, you need to learn JavaScript and how it works, which is not easy and becomes a little tricky. If it supports SQL-based procedures, then you can just cut-paste the SQL code, run it, and easily fix small issues."
"It's not that flexible when compared to Oracle."
"The design of the product is easily misunderstood."
"Snowflake has to build more capabilities because they have only built very few adapters, but they're growing and they're building. They should provide provisions to collect ETL pipeline capabilities, reduce developer work, and make more rapid application development, rather than some customizations. There are very few options, but they are building. I hope they will build ETL rapid application development provisions with more variety."
"Currently, Snowflake doesn't support unstructured data."
"It would be better if they had a data profile tool that tells me where the gaps are in my time series data."
"The solution's setup could be quicker and easier."
"Improvements need to be made on the load balancing side."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It is per credit. It has a use-it-as-you-go model. We bought a chunk of 20,000 credits, and they were lasting us for at least a year. We didn't have the scale of data like a much larger company to consume more credits. For us, it was very inexpensive. Their strategy is just to leverage what you've got and put Snowflake in the middle. It doesn't make it expensive because most of the organizations already have reporting tools. Now, if you were starting from scratch, it might be cheaper to go a different way."
"I have not been billed yet, but it should be less. I'm still running the trial version, but it seems to be less than Databricks."
"Snowflake is a cost-effective solution."
"We use Snowflake pretty heavily. We pay a significant amount of money for the tool. I'd say we pay $300k to $400K every year."
"I am not much aware of the price, but based on what I have analyzed so far, its cost is reasonable as compared to on-prem data warehouse solutions. It provides a great deal for production."
"I have worked with multiple clouds, and cost-wise, it is a bit costlier than others, such as Redshift. Its price should be reduced."
"We're based on credits. So, we're paying four and a half dollars of credit. There are no additional costs. I would rate it a two out of five in terms of pricing."
"They give a different price for every single company. I don't know if I negotiated that well, but we got the enterprise tier for $3 a credit, and the other two were a dollar-ninety a credit. I suspect we don't have almost zero compute usage, but I know that our annual contract packages are below all of their minimums."
"The solution might be considered a bit expensive because it competes with open-source products."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Snowflake?
The best thing about Snowflake is its flexibility in changing warehouse sizes or computational power.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Snowflake?
The product's price range falls between average to a bit expensive range. I think the tool is worth the money if you use it properly. It is difficult for me to speak about the number of users who u...
What needs improvement with Snowflake?
I don't think that the AI tools in Snowflake are good. AI tools in Snowflake can be improved. Even if the AI tools in Snowflake are good, I feel that it would be expensive. The cost of the AI part ...
What do you like most about TIBCO Live Datamart?
You can create your own rules that include mathematic calculations.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for TIBCO Live Datamart?
The solution might be considered a bit expensive because it competes with open-source products. In comparison to Azure Libraries, the solution provides a free library and a basic infrastructure for...
What needs improvement with TIBCO Live Datamart?
The solution's setup could be quicker and easier. IT experts are required from the server side. Advanced users can implement quickly but there always a need for some drag-and-drop flow improvements...


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Snowflake Computing
Streambase, TIBCO LiveView Data Mart



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Accordant Media, Adobe, Kixeye Inc., Revana, SOASTA, White Ops
Aerospace Corporation, Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services, Banco Sabadell, Bolton Borough Council
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792,694 professionals have used our research since 2012.