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Silk Platform
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Robin Saikat Chatterjee - PeerSpot reviewer
May 10, 2023
The solution is the perfectsystem having all delivery models
Customer Service: We have had great customer service. We had almost no issues with the machine as such except for some predictive hard disk failures and the machine never had a problem due to the redundancy, so there was zero downtime for any of the hard disk faults. Technical Support: Majority of the cases we have had good support. We had a few small hiccups with ASR Auto Update as it twice lost configuration. However, we have since disabled that function and do the ASR updating manually after taking a backup. As this feature is not essential to the actual running of the machine, it never caused us any major issues.
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Pricing and Cost Advice

"It is quite expensive."
"The price is very high."
"The Initial investment price could use improvement"
"Exadata is an expensive tool, but, considering the ROI, it's worth going for the solution."
"Oracle Exadata is not a cheap solution. Pricing is a problem for Oracle, and every client, not just my company, would like the vendor to improve on the price, or lower the price. My company paid for several years' worth of Oracle Exadata licenses. You need to pay for the technical support and other features separately, on different contracts. In terms of affordability, my rating for Oracle Exadata is two out of five."
"The price of Oracle Exadata is competitive. There are some features that are outside of the initial purchase license, such as some monitoring packages."
"I think it's free."
"Oracle is always costly but it's fine."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Oracle Exadata?
It is the best solution for OLTP and data warehousing.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Oracle Exadata?
I rate the tool’s pricing a three out of ten. The solution is expensive.
What needs improvement with Oracle Exadata?
The product must make more investments in object storage technologies. Six to seven years ago, the product had an SQL-based analytics feature that did not work well. The vendor must consider invest...
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Silk Cloud Data Platform

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PayPal, EBS, Organic Food Retailer, Garmin, University of Minnesota, Major Semiconductor Company, Deutsche Bank, Starwood, Ziraat Bank, SK Telecom, and P&G.
Priceline, eToro, Payoneer, TPG Software, Blackline, Soccour Solutions, Sentara Healthcare
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