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Brett Tatum - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 20, 2023
We can quickly deploy cloud conformity, provides good visibility, and control
I am satisfied with the protection that Trend Vision One - Cloud Security provides for our multi-cloud environment. I need a single pane of glass that will give me the information I need quickly and easily. I set up Trend Vision One - Cloud Security in one afternoon, which I have done before. With one person, it only takes a day or so. Now, it is so simple to get it into any cloud and give it a small permission set to go in there and read our infrastructure, and then get some valuable insights very quickly. Trend Vision One - Cloud Security provides us with contextual data, which is especially useful when we are acquiring a company or when I take on a new role and need to quickly understand what they have. Trend Vision One - Cloud Security also helps me to quickly correlate information in the DevSec process, as it protects everything. There are three times when a security vulnerability can be caught: when we write the code, when we deploy the code, or when the code is running. If a vulnerability is not caught until the code is running, we probably made a mistake. We can then go back and look at the first two steps to see where we should have caught the issue. I am 100 percent satisfied with the context provided by Trend Vision One - Cloud Security. Trend Vision One - Cloud Security protects my cloud workloads. If an attack gets past the first two layers, I still need a way to protect the endpoints, whether they're EC2 instances, virtual machines in Azure, or even on-premises servers. I need a single pane of glass to see all of my endpoints. And let's say there's a zero-day attack, something that no one knew about and couldn't have caught. With Workload Security, I don't need to patch it immediately, even if it's a Windows update. Workload Security can patch it for me and put security tools around it. So we use it for patching and filtering, as well as other security needs. It sits on our virtual machines and whatever cloud we use. The biggest benefit of Trend Vision One - Cloud Security is its single pane of glass view. Other cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure, offer similar features, but they require multiple dashboards and reports. With Trend Vision One - Cloud Security, I have a single pane of glass view of my entire infrastructure. We also use Trend Vision One - Cloud Security for many security needs, including endpoint protection and Office 365 protection. This gives me a single vendor, a single pane of glass, and a single console to manage the security of all of my platforms. Trend Vision One - Cloud Security gives us full visibility and control of our cloud environments. When I am asked difficult questions, or when I am going through an audit or other process, I use its reporting and dashboarding capabilities to get all the information I need in one place. This saves me from having to correlate data from different sources, and it helps me to resolve audit and compliance workflows more quickly. Visibility helps us resolve complexity in our environment by providing quick snapshots of an account. This is especially useful when I'm trying to get an overview of a new workload or a new company, as it allows us to take a snapshot of the environment to make it easier to ingest. We buy our subscriptions through the marketplace because it's easier. I don't want to buy credits, because I can use the marketplace as needed. It also allows us to quickly bill the subscriptions to our existing account, so I don't have to set up another vendor or billing terms. I can just quickly use the marketplace, choose the subscriptions I want, and pay as I go. It's perfect. Conformity would give me a good overview of what infrastructure we are using and where we can potentially save costs by emphasizing the infrastructure that we do not necessarily need. Trend Vision One - Cloud Security protects me in the cloud, protects my registry, and protects my DevOps pipeline. It is not necessary for Trend Vision One - Cloud Security to protect all of these things. Additionally, Trend Vision in general also protects our Office 365 infrastructure, including SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook. Protecting all the data across our environment is extremely important these days. No matter what industry we're in, it's crucial to understand our data security protocols, where our data is stored, how it's protected, and how it's accessed. This information gives us a single, overarching view of our data security posture, which helps us to identify and remediate misconfigurations and quickly respond to zero-day attacks or compromises. The sooner we know about a security incident, the fewer repercussions we're likely to experience.

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"With everything I deal with, Trend Micro Cloud One's pricing is somewhere in the middle."
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"I rate the solution's pricing a six out of ten."
"Pricing for Trend Micro Cloud One Container Security in the corporate market is okay."
"The price could be lower. That is a bit of a consideration."
"One year ago, Trend transitioned to a credit system for licensing, which has confused users."
"While Trend Vision One - Cloud Security was a cost-effective solution for us in 2021, we've noticed a recent price increase that makes it less affordable."
"The pricing for Cloud One is reasonable because my costs scale up and down based on my infrastructure usage."
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What do you like most about Trend Micro Cloud One Workload Security?
The the most valuable feature is the scanning engine. It does not impact server performance. It's very lightweight.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Trend Micro Cloud One Workload Security?
The is price is 25% cheaper than it was a couple of years ago, which is good.
What needs improvement with Trend Micro Cloud One Workload Security?
The local agent should be able to show more logs. At present, the logs are only available from the web console and not from the local agent.

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